Doctor Who Season 8: Episode 1

The first episode with the new doctor! Whooo! Let’s see how he does.

If we take the episode as it is, I would call it a good episode.

The Doctor looses his mind at the start, it turns out that going for another regeneration screws around with your head. I can’t really say for sure what it would be like but I’m guessing it is not pleasant to have your entire self change without your knowing what it will become.

I liked how Peter handled the role. he seemed to be having fun with it. His way of doing things is definitely not what we are used to but neither is any Doctors when we first see them.

Fore those who complain about his age, he seems to be a pretty spry guy based off this episode. He was jumping off trees and into rivers. Still running around everywhere.

The callback to the episode about robots looking for parts in humans was funny. They were even looking for the same people at one point I think.

They set up the new arc as well. The woman in the shop who gave the number to Clara and put the ad in the newspaper. I think she was the woman at the end as well. So that should be interesting.

That phone call at the end of the episode was big. The tie is was great. The doctor knows what he is going to be going through so he asks for help in advance. It was a good way to bring back Matt Smith for a brief moment

They really tried to reenforce that the Doctor is the same person in the episode. Same person with a different face. Which is what it has always been. I think people forget that.

So in the end, I am excited for the next episode and congratulate the writers for doing an excellent job. (Really that phone call was amazing)

Let me know what you thought about the new episode, did you like it? Did you hate to? Why?


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