Photo Of The Day #66

2013-07-31 at 14-07-49

An iPhone picture of some flowers that I passed by on day. Not really sure where this was.


Photo Of The Day #65

2013-07-21 at 11-11-24

Took this when I was passing though Monument Valley a year or so ago.

Photo Of The Day #64

2012-02-26 at 14-24-17

I took this many years ago next to the sidewalk that was next to my house.

Photo Of The Day #63


2012-07-30 (128)

Photo Of The Day #62


2013-02-01 at 13-14-18-2

Photo Of The Day #61


2013-02-01 at 12-27-58-2

Annnnnndddd it’s back! I know it’s been awhile since i’ve posted any photography related stuff but I’ve been curating my stuff for the last little bit. So without further ado I present my next release of stuff!

Photo Of The Day #55


2014-07-27 at 20-57-14

Photo Of The Day #54


2014-07-26 at 11-46-06

Photo Of The Day #53


2014-07-27 at 20-56-51

Photo Of The Day #52


2014-07-26 at 14-26-34