Anime Reviews

Alright, on this page I’m going to explain how I review anime. Let’s get something straight right away. I’m not an incredibly serious reviewer. I also do not have a degree in plot analysis or dynamic rhetoric understanding or philosophy.

While I may not have a strictly academic granted ability, I do have my own ideas, understanding, and opinions. Most of those will be in the guise of a general feeling I received from the show in question. I also do not go scene by scene every time I write a review.

My standard procedure is to watch the episode, then write the review after the episode. Sometimes I will watch the episode, then start to write the review while re-watching the episode as I write. I make note of my favorite scenes and write about those, not the scene where cup was lifted from the table and the talk about whether or not that will affect the plot in the next episode. I sometimes will talk about what I hope for in the next episode or where I think the series will go as well.

So that is my general guidelines for reviewing anime, If you feel that I should make not of a certain area when review feel free to mention in the comments below.

For those curious about my Anime tastes and what I have watched and am planning on watching, this is a link to my MAL account, everything in my planning to watching is something that I’ve added to save it so I don’t forget it, so it is not a guarantee that I will watch it, I make that decision when I need a new anime to watch.


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