Doctor Who Season 8: Episode 1

The first episode with the new doctor! Whooo! Let’s see how he does.

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Walking Dead Sean 4 Finale “A”

Okay the name may be wrong for this episode but I needed to get this written and that what what the first google search turned up. Okay now for my thoughts. first of all I TOLD YOU SO!! I KNEW that Terminus was going to be a place filled with crazy people and I thought that they would be people eaters as well. Ahh man, that was crazy. First off with the quick scene in the beginning that showed Rick sitting down in front of the car with blood covering his face, I thought that everyone else had died and Rick was just sitting in shock. But the resolution to that was much more insane. First with Darrel’s new group and then with the throat biting, all just so intense. Carl seems to be in a tough spot because growing up in the zombie apocalypse before you have established a set code of rules and ideas about the world can be difficult and skew what we would take for granted as a normal view of things. So he must be struggling with that. They set off then after that whole scene to go find terminus all the while Rick is having flash backs to the beginning of their time on the farm, we learn how he became farmer Rick and why he decided to do it, so that Carl would have somthing to do with his life other than fighting. That seemed to be working but then the flash back would stop and we would realize that Rick in no longer the farmer that he once was, he is back in Rick mode and taking down anyone in his way. Now we come to Terminus. It was a great idea to approach from the side, I had the same idea myself and when they scouted it out and saw the door open that was odd I thought because why would a supposedly high security and safe place leave a door open. We learn more about Michonne (had to look that one up, and yes it is spelled right, I got it off the official website) and how she got to be herself now and what she was like. Then they enter the place and the first thing that strikes me is that someone is actively saying the message instead of just making a recording and playing it on repeat. I know it is the apocalypse and all but it would be possible. The people are also around these boards and tables and that makes me think scientists doing weird experiments and I may not have been too far off but I’ll have to wait until next season to see if I’m right. Anyway I knew something was off and when I saw the riot gear I thought “hey, didn’t Glenn have gear just like that” and then everything went down and it was Glenn’s gear and they were guiding the gang to a dead end and they found everyone else in the car and Rick said a cheesy line and * deep breath * it was crazy. Ricks last line was a little cheesy, I thought that he would have a hidden gun up his sleeve or something but he just said that they got the wrong people. Typical. Overall though very exciting, I’m anticipating that the start of the next season will be crazy as well. Thanks for reading this journey with me, and if you have not been following along with my writings then I suggest you decide read them and then this thanks you will mean something :)

Walking Dead Episode 15 “Us”

I would say a medium amount of stuff happened in this episode. To start off, I extremely dislike Eugene. Not because of the geek side of him but because he can not hold a conversation and he refuses to say what caused the apocalypse. I would not take someones word that they knew, they would have to explain it ti me before I believed them. When Glen saw the sign that Maggie had written and started running I was so excited! He took off and that tunnel was a big decision. To go through or not to go through, that was the question. He was in quite the bind there when the other girl (my bad I don’t know her name) got her foot stuck, that could have ended badly. I will say that even though I dislike Eugene with a passion he got a point or two when he decided to wait for Glenn at the other end of the tunnel. Then when he saw Maggie and everyone (I’m assuming) and had them drive back down the tunnel to get Glen, that was a big move for him. This episode also went back and forth a lot. We saw Darrel with his new gang, of which I highly disagree with. I think that they are a terrible group of people and one that can not be good for society. Although they work well in the new world, I’m not saying that it is right but still. In any case it seems that Darrel is conforming to their way of thinking and this does not bode well for him or Beth, who he still needs to save. Now we come to the end of the episode. The arrival of the group to Terminus. I could tell right off the bat that the place had a bad vibe about it. First off, no one on guard duty? What is that all about. My suspicion meter just went up. Gates all unlocked, the meter just went up again. One creepy woman making burgers when there were no cows around anywhere and probably no good grazing areas around? The meter has gone off the chart. I would bail quick. SO In my opinion t wrap up. Nothing good await the various groups at Terminus and I really hope that Darrel gets it back together in order to save Beth. Until the finale!


Wallpaper - Gallifreyan 2

Recently I have done something to which I never thought I would do. Now in most respects I would call myself a nerd. I’m on the internet a lot, not a very sporty person, and I do things that your average person would not know how to do with technology. I love Doctor Who. I think the show is amazing and goofy and weird and overall very funny. I would probably say it is one of my favorite shows of all time. To those who have watched the show then you know that the Time Lords have a language that they use that looks pretty cool and is the  language that only Time Lords can read. I have started to learn how to write in that language. I know, that is pretty bad right, I would say geeky even. But I have no inclination to speak it (besides there is no way to speak it) but it just looks to cool that i’m okay with writing it. An example of what the writing looks like will be somewhere on this post. So if someone wants me to write them something in this language then just ask. Anything around five words i’m confident that I can do.

Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 “The Grove”

Hard, Dark, Depression, Feels, Despair, Anger, Desperation, all of these were feelings that I thought this episode had. At first going though the episode I thought that Carol was going to kill Lizzie just because she thought that she could not survive in the world or that she would be a hindrance. However I was not expecting the way in which it happened or how it makes you feel. I knew Lizzie was going to be a liability at some point but not to the extent that she would kill her sister. That was terrible when you realize what happened, that she killed the smart and logical one of the pair. Terrible is all I can say. Throughout the episode you see the spiraling descent that Lizzie has concerning the walkers. She feeds them, she talks to them, she plays the most dangerous game of tag ever, and she wants to become one with them. This may sound harsh but it is very true, people with mental problems will not survive the apocalypse. It is true. Not a blanket on every type of mental problem but I would think about 90% of them. This was a very intense episode not for the drama of it but for the feelings and moral questions that it brings up. Should you kill the girl when she is a liability to everyone else? Obviously Carol thinks so and ends up killing her. So now they are on their way to Terminus and hopefully we will see everyone meet up there. However there is still the question of Beth and Darrel. Beth was taken and my guess is that she was taken to Terminus. Just a guess but it may turn out to be true so be prepared for me to say I told you so. Well i think that just about sums it up. I may have left out a few things but that is what stood out to me during the episode. Till next week!

Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 “Alone”

Sorry this was late but circumstances prevented me from watching this episode the day of. caution Spoilers Ahead

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Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 “Still”

This episode was very deep. It was deep in the sense that we saw more about Darrel then any other episode besides probably the episode when his brother died. We saw him sad and confused before the apocalypse but now that he has the skills to survive and they are what is needed in this new world he is thriving. I think he just need to learn to open up a bit more but I can see the reason for not doing so, being that you will hurt yourself when others die. It’s not a question of if it is when because in this world people will die, that is a fact.