Glasses (The Kind That Go On Your Face)

First off lets define this a bit. When I say “glasses” what do I mean? Well I take that to mean sunglasses or prescription glasses or any type of glasses, even those red and blue previous generation 3D ones. (who remembers those? I do!)

Now I personally wear sunglasses a lot. I dislike having to squint in sunlight and with high quality sunglasses I don’t have to. I can see the world how it is, able it in a slightly darker fashion ;)

I have also have 3 pairs of sunglasses: 2 Oakley’s (a polarized and a non-polarized pair) and then a pair of “throwaway” ones that I use when I go anyplace where it could be dangerous to take the others i.e. the beach or on a roller coaster.

I try to take the best of car of those glasses and they have lasted me awhile, 2 years now, and I hope they will continue to last (as they were expensive and I’m not made of money)

Then we have prescription glasses. I do not require these but I think that anything that can be used to improve your senses or restore them is a good thing. So they are okay in my book.

Now sometimes glasses can give change your impression on another person. For some, if you see someone with glasses (non-sunglasses) then you might assume that they are smart or business-y (it’s a word) However, that may not be the case. I wonder how that stereotype got started in the first place? Probably a lot of causes that ended up together.

So what is my point? If you’ve made it this far then you may be wondering that. Well I’ll tell you. I think that glasses are a great invention and have many uses. Although we may not be using Google Glass anytime soon (I think the computer contact lens’s will catch on before the sunglasses) glasses are still an important part of many people lives, whether it enables them to see better or keep away the sun or give someone a different appearance.

Let’s all take a moment to thank Salvino D’Armate for inventing glasses! (however after a quick google search it appears that it is not really known but this guy is given credit most of the time so I’ll say it was him)

Thank for reading all the way down here if you did! I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t been able to spend more time on the blog :(


Everybody Can Relate Too Food

Food is universal

At least, that’s what I think.

Let’s all get on the thought train for a few minutes. Because there is one thing that has been a unifying force in all of human history. Food. Food is universal because it is one of the basic needs of survival. People must eat to survive and what they eat is called food.

Therefore, food is a great way to communicate. Every culture has their own taste when it comes to food. Wether it be differences in spiciness, texture, smell, bitterness, etc.

This makes the people who eat said food different but the same. Because we all eat food!

I think that everybody can work together to get food. Hunter gatherers did it, medieval people did it, we do it. The process has changed over time of getting food but the consumption remains the same.

At this point many are probably wondering why this even matters and that I’m probably going off the rails so I will refocus here:

It is a fact that, as a human, you must consume food to stay alive (at our current level of technology) so it is something that every person has in common. Everybody has a favorite food and everybody can appreciate what food does for us.

I just wanted to dedicate this post to food and how awesome it is. Many people take food for granted and I think we should occasionally take a step back and wonder at how far food has progressed.

Thanks everybody for reading! Also, if you have a favorite food then let me know and why that is your favorite food in the comments :)


I’m going to just start typing and see what happens here.

I named this post “Inspiration” because that is what I need. I tend to have most of my posts planned out and there is usually a backlog of stuff that will get posted over the next few days or weeks.

I say this because right now there is no backlog. This is current.

I’m writing this because Inspiration is something that many people struggle with once they reach a certain part in their blogging career. Ha, look at me, implying that I have spent any sort of time on WordPress being an accomplished blogger.

It’s now been a few months since I started with blog and I have (let me check) 171 followers. Now that’s pretty cool, it’s nice that many people are getting my work whenever I post. Realistically the number is smaller than that because of the spam accounts that subscribe or the people who don’t actually care about my material but just about getting more views to their site.

But if you are  one of my readers who like seeing my stuff then I thank you! Especially the people who comment frequently and participate in conversations, going to give a shout out to Aul and Atherz there.

But let’s get back the main topic (was there a topic?) of Inspiration.

I tend to have the best ideas when I’m doing nothing, just sitting still and wondering about the universe. Sometimes I play some music . . . okay most of the time I play music but that’s besides the point (again, what is the point?) Inspiration comes in many forms and from many sources (finally a point to this whole thing!) While I get inspiration from pondering, another may get inspiration from hanging upside down, or working out. Whatever it may be, being inspired and having a unique thought is always interesting and fun.

I love discovering a certain pathway of thinking I had not gone down before and exploring it further. That is usually how I get my ideas for posting.

Coincidentally, when I do not have time to sit around and ponder I have fewer ideas, as is the case right now, resulting in what you are reading now, assuming you’ve made it this far. I know it’s been a lot looking back but hopefully I’ll find an ending to this pathway soon.

Anyway, the moral of the story (what does that even mean in this context?) is that you should take some time off from your busy schedule, if you have one, and spend some of that time off doing whatever activity it is that inspires you. I think that staying inspired is key to living a happy life so start thinking!

If you made it this far then I thank you for reading everything! I hope I . . . inspired you (ha . ha . ha . I’m sorry) If you liked this style of writing, essentially a stream of consciousness, then let me know. I still need to make my next post ;)


Communication Today

You probably don’t think about it too often but communication is something that, in today’s world, is incredibly easy and important.

Could you imagine having to wait days, weeks, or months to get a response to someone? That’s what had to happen not to long ago yet now we start to panic if we don’t get a response within a few minutes.

I like to take a step back every once in awhile and just think about how an aspect of today’s life is so much better then it was previously. I don’t like to take things for granted. For example, I’m typing this on my phone, something that, if you proposed the idea of “writing” down something on a small pad with no pen to someone 40 years ago, they would have laughed at you and would have thought it impossible. Today though, most people you see in a first world area has a phone in their hand, pocket, purse or bag. I think that is amazing.

So I’d like you, since you made it this far I to the post, to think for a few moments about how communication has made your life easier and then think about how much harder it would have been to do the same task 20 years ago.

Thanks for reading!

Can You Know To Much?


It angers me quite a lot when I hear someone say “I don’t need to know that,” or “What is the use of knowing x?” Because I think that you can never know too much.

Why would you ever not want to know something? Knowledge can only further you in life. Where would we be if some of the great inventors in the past had thought “I don’t need to know how that works.” Say goodbye to electricity.

What’s worse is when people refuse to learn new things. I see this a lot when people interact with technology. If something doesn’t work, they get frustrated and give up, getting someone else to fix whatever problem they were having. However, the better thing to do would be to look up how to fix it and do it yourself! I’d be willing to bet that they have another computer in the house or a phone that is connected to the internet. If they don’t have neither of those things then they have a legitimate reason to call someone to fix whatever it is they need help with.

Knowledge is what separates us as individuals. To have more knowledge is to have a more defined self. If everyone had the same knowledge then I think that they would not be much of an individual. But if I know something that you don’t or vice versa then that is what distinguishes you from me, and that’s a good thing.

If you don’t have knowledge then you are helpless. That’s not to say that someone who knows less is less intelligent but I think that they are at a disadvantage.

In an age where the entirety of human history and knowledge can be accessed from a small device that fits inside your pocket, saying “I don’t know” is not a good excuse. I am guilty of this myself but I make it a point to learn something new everyday and to fix my own problems instead of immediately giving up and getting someone else to fix my problem for me.

Thanks for reading! I know that is was a little bit of a rant but a recent post by Cruel Ultimatum started my mind on this topic and I had to write a post about it.

Dark Chocolate

Here is a random fact: I prefer dark chocolate over any other type of chocolate.

I’m not sure why, I think the taste is better but I’m also not a fan of bitter things. People say that dark chocolate is bitter but I don’t taste it when I eat it. I also don’t eat sweet things very often at all but dark chocolate is for sure what I would prefer.


You ever have that decision where you can’t decide which route to take, even if you wait a few days?

That happens to be a lot, only when I buy things though, I hate spending money.

Running Out Of Time

Do you ever have that feeling of helplessness that comes with an approaching deadline? The closer you get to the deadline the more weight the work you have to get done seems to weigh you down, even though you have been steadily progressing.

It doesn’t even have to be a deadline that has a physical thing to turn in at the end. You could be going somewhere and you need to be there but every second the outcome seems to be farther away from the desired one.
This relates back to my post about time and how we can never get it back but I think that the feeling you have when you are running out of time is something that is hard to achieve in any other situation. The combination of dread and guilt that you feel. Dread for the guilt I think. Guilt because you most likely have an obligation and you will be guilty if you can not fulfill that obligation.
I think that this is an interesting phenomenon and wanted to share my thoughts on it. Thanks for reading!


Compliments are weird things. There are those who want a lot of them and then there are those who say they don’t want any. Some thrive off of compliments and some have adverse reactions when someone compliments them.

Everyone has their reasons of doing what they do but I think compliments are a good thing. However I think they are more valuable when given sparingly.
If someone is given the same compliment every day then that compliment gets stale and boring. After a while it might turn into an insult to their ears.
So then what are you to do? Well, I would suggest not complimenting people. That doesn’t mean be mean to them or insult them but just acknowledge what they do. Give less compliments that way each one you give will carry more weight.
Some would say that this is rude and perhaps it is, but think about this: Would you rather receive a compliment from someone you know compliments everyone all the time for anything they do, or receive a compliment from someone who rarely gives compliments? I would prefer the latter.
I’m not really sure where I was going with this post. It was just a brain thought I had. Not even sure that is an existing term . . .COINED IT! Naa not really, it’s probably been done before. However I think that will be a new category on my blog, brain thoughts. I like it.
Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!