Glasses (The Kind That Go On Your Face)

First off lets define this a bit. When I say “glasses” what do I mean? Well I take that to mean sunglasses or prescription glasses or any type of glasses, even those red and blue previous generation 3D ones. (who remembers those? I do!)

Now I personally wear sunglasses a lot. I dislike having to squint in sunlight and with high quality sunglasses I don’t have to. I can see the world how it is, able it in a slightly darker fashion ;)

I have also have 3 pairs of sunglasses: 2 Oakley’s (a polarized and a non-polarized pair) and then a pair of “throwaway” ones that I use when I go anyplace where it could be dangerous to take the others i.e. the beach or on a roller coaster.

I try to take the best of car of those glasses and they have lasted me awhile, 2 years now, and I hope they will continue to last (as they were expensive and I’m not made of money)

Then we have prescription glasses. I do not require these but I think that anything that can be used to improve your senses or restore them is a good thing. So they are okay in my book.

Now sometimes glasses can give change your impression on another person. For some, if you see someone with glasses (non-sunglasses) then you might assume that they are smart or business-y (it’s a word) However, that may not be the case. I wonder how that stereotype got started in the first place? Probably a lot of causes that ended up together.

So what is my point? If you’ve made it this far then you may be wondering that. Well I’ll tell you. I think that glasses are a great invention and have many uses. Although we may not be using Google Glass anytime soon (I think the computer contact lens’s will catch on before the sunglasses) glasses are still an important part of many people lives, whether it enables them to see better or keep away the sun or give someone a different appearance.

Let’s all take a moment to thank Salvino D’Armate for inventing glasses! (however after a quick google search it appears that it is not really known but this guy is given credit most of the time so I’ll say it was him)

Thank for reading all the way down here if you did! I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t been able to spend more time on the blog :(


Why I Dislike “Txting”

Let me start by saying that I think technology is awesome and communication is great. We are able to do things that would have been thought impossible 50 years ago. I txt people every day, I don’t send them a letter once a week. (to see my view of all that read this post on communication)

However! With the increase in all this technology there has also been a decrease in personal interactions. Instead of walking over to a friend’s house and talking to them now a days we just txt them for a few minutes and leave it. We generally do not schedule time to meet up with someone to discuss work with them or the events of the week. We just hop on Facebook and check out their profile.

This is something that I really dislike. I like to talk to talk people, something that is not done enough with the newer generations, that have grown up with technology, in my opinion.

You can type “lol” but it will never beat hearing the sound of actual laughter. I don’t think you will ever be able to replace the feel of talking face to face through technology for long time. Maybe someday but I will probably be long dead.

So for right now, talking face to face is very important and I think that you lose something by not interacting with people regularly. Can I describe what that something is? No, I’m not inclined enough in the literary arts and the philosophical world to know how to, but that does not mean I can’t feel it.

Event though technology is great and wonderful and allows communication in amazing ways, going back to the basics and talking with someone face-to-face is something that everyone should not go without.

“Apple’s Event” And My Reaction

I’ll keep this brief and only about my opinions as I’m sure you can find the tech specs online. Also I apologize for the lateness, I meant to have this out directly after the live-stream but that did not happen.

iPhone 6

I’m pretty excited for the new iPhone. I like the size and the features it implements to deal with the new sizes. (double tap the home button and screen moves down) Improvements to battery life are always great as well. The main decision for me is whether to get a 6 or a 6 plus (yes I will be getting one but not right away, I’ll wait for the bugs to get worked out) I don’t know if I will like the bigger size of 5.5 inches. The only way I will be able to decide is to go to an apple store and hold the phone for myself. I’m not totally opposed to getting the plus if it feels good in my hand.

The new camera is what I paid a lot of attention too. A plus for the plus (see what I did there) is that is has the optical video stabilization which I would very much like to have. That will factor into my decision greatly.

Apple Pay

This way of paying may actually get me to use passbook. I’ve previously not used it much but with the ability to pay with NFC it would make my life easier and less of a hassle. The only problem I can see is if a store does not have an NFC capable way to pay which would be a bummer because then what is the point of inputting the card if you are going to carry around the cards anyway. You might as well get a coin and be done with it at that point.

Apple Watch

Now I have some mixed feelings about this product. It has everything I would like to see in a smart watch (except the one on one communication thing, what is that anyway?) and it seems to have the battery I would be okay with. However, I will only buy it if it is less than $150. I’m sure that apple could seek the watches at that price but early speculation that I’ve seen says that it will cost $350 which I am unwilling to pay. At that point it is more cost-effective to reach into my pocket and take out my phone to check the time.

Overall I was happy with the keynote, they poked fun at the early leaks and speculation being right and they gave a lot of information out. IOS 8 will be a great new update and I’ll be getting it the 17th I believe and then wait a month or so to get a 6.

So what do you think? Did you like the keynote? How much are you willing to pay for the watch? Will you even use the new features? Let me know.

Betting Your Existence

The most recent episode of No Game No Life made me think about what your existence really means. Thoughts, memories, trust, emotions, will, strength, what is your existence?

(Slight Spoiler for the anime but If you don’t watch it then read ahead!)

For those of you who do not know, the episode involved tying you existence to pieces in a game of Othello/Reversi. This meant that when a piece of yours was captured, the part of you that the piece represented was taken from you as well.

Now this got me thinking. “If parts of your being were taken one by one, at what point would you not be you?” I mean, you know that you are you, but what part of you knows that you are you? See how this gets confusing?

Then I started to think that different parts of you could be more meaningful to your overall character than others. This lead me to rethink what was important to me and what ideas of philosophies/belifes made up my being. I was trying to figure out what made me . . . me.

This idea is actually very similar to a concept used in the Inheritance Cycle book series. The idea was that your entire being could be summed up in your True Name. A name that, if other people knew, would allow them to know everything about you and potential control you and force you to abide by their will. (very slight spoiler there as well, sorry)

Based on all of this I was able to create a fun thought experiment that is very enlightening.

Lets say that you are playing a game, Chess or Othello for example. Now assign what you think are the most important aspects of your life and your personality to those pieces. Now you play the game, or imagine you are. Now decide what pieces you are most willing to defend and which ones you care least about. It works best if the game is one where all the pieces have the same ability so I guess chess wouldn’t work out so well.

By paying this mental game you should be able to identify what parts of yourself that you like most and which ones you can improve or git rid of entirely.

I hope that this game is fun for you or at least give you something to think about.

My Schedule and Some Video Games

Man, i’m approaching another busy week right now. I’m going to be preparing for a big presentation on friday for an EXPO of sorts. Judges will be there and hopefully my team can impress them. That prep work is going to be scoping to majority of my time. That . . . and Planetary Annihilation. I’ve gotten back into it recently and I have to say, very fun. However two nights ago I had an encounter with another player that was not very pleasant. I will explain the situation from my perspective. I was watching a live stream that some guys were doing of PA and they said that they would be doing one more match. I thought it would be cool if I could pay with them. I then realized that the stream was live and I had the game so I opened it up and joined their game in the lobby. I then closed the stream and started to play. It was a 3v3 with them three vs myself and two other random people. The game went great. Win or lose it was a great game. With two planet smashes it was very exciting. At the end of the game I did not get a chance total them that I had a good game and enjoyed it as the ending of the game kicked everyone out before that. I then remembered that the stream was probably still open and went onto that to tell them good game. When I typed it twitch went into a commercial and when it resumed I head the guys talking about how I was a cheater because they thought I was watching the stream the entire time. Realizing that they had been mistaken I tried to type in the chat agin to explain, however they had banned me from the chat so i could not explain the situation. I then went into write a private message to the account holder and sent that off. I have still not received a reply. What upsets me is that they had a legitimate reason to suspect me but did not let me explain my case and assumed I was guilty before hearing me out. In summary I wish people would not jump to conclusions. That went off on a tangent a bit it seems. Peace out.




Emotions, emotions, emotions. Everyone has them, everyone loves them, everyone hates them, everyone rejects them, everyone accepts them. Emotions are very controversial and I think they are a good thing discuss. Emotions are had to define and because of that I have included a nifty handy-dandy chart to help you visualize emotions. The inside is the base emotion and the outside is more specific forms of that emotion. Of course this is not all emotions and some are not classified as I talk about in my feeling post. But it is, in my opinion, important to think about these things because they are what define you in many cases, what emotions that you feel when presented with certain situations can be really telling about a person. For example, I find that thinking about this stuff is stimulating and can make me feel very serene. One of the hardest things to do is communicate deep feelings to other people, or even wanting to. I think that there are two reasons people do not talk about their feeling very much. One, there is not much trust between people. And two, it is hard to accurately describe the feelings you have. Bit of a tangent there, as it went closer to relationship stuff for a second. My main point is writing this is to get people to examine their emotions more and think about them. I feel that if people know themselves more, then it will result in many positive benefits such as more confidence and the ability to deal with various situations better as you know why you are reacting in a certain way. Hope this made you think :)