Photo Of The Day #66

2013-07-31 at 14-07-49

An iPhone picture of some flowers that I passed by on day. Not really sure where this was.


Photo Of The Day #64

2012-02-26 at 14-24-17

I took this many years ago next to the sidewalk that was next to my house.

Photo Of The Day #60


2014-07-26 at 14-26-47

Photo Of The Day #57


2014-07-26 at 13-07-23

Photo Of The Day #54


2014-07-26 at 11-46-06

Photo Of The Day #52


2014-07-26 at 14-26-34

Photo Of The Day #51


2014-07-26 at 13-07-34

Photo Of The Day #50


2014-07-25 at 13-18-37Today will be the start of my next series. These are all photo’s that I took on my recent trip to Yosemite. They aren’t much but I hope you enjoy them!

To start off we have a classic view of Half Dome.


Photo Of The Day #44


2014-07-04 at 21-19-12 - Version 2

Let’s Try This Again

So I have purchased another headset that I will be testing out over the next few days. I decided to give Razor another chance after my first purchase with them and bought the Razor Carcharias.

I bought these hoping for comfort and so far they seem to be doing a pretty good job. I can wear them for long periods of time without and noticeable discomfort.

The audio quality is not bad either. It has a bass tuner so you can increase it to your liking. But I’m not one to listen to just bass heavy things. I’ve been testing classical, alternative, rock, metal, punk, and an odd assortment of other things as well. So far then are handling everything pretty well. You can find better quality in other headphones for sure but these have a lot of good things going for them.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it but so far there are many positives and not too many negatives so it’s looking good.