Just as a quick update. I am starting my planning to go traveling in Europe later this year.

I’m very excited to go and travel around and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My travels will center around France as I’ve been learning French for the last few years (still not that good though) but I also plan on visiting the other nations and branch out from France.

Right now the adventure is still in the planning phase but I’m working on it with a friend as we plan to go together and explore.

Just thought I’d share that with you all :)


The Increasing Amount Of Drones In The Sky

This is something that I’ve been thinking about lately: With all the recent interest and development in drone related things, what does that mean for the future when we look up at the sky?

I’ve been seeing articles and video’s pop up about new ways to put drones in the sky and the increasing popularity of quad-copters. Like GoPro’s recent video where someone flew a drone into the area where a fireworks show was being put on:

There is another idea (which I think is quite cool and clever) to use a drone to follow you while you do action sports that would require you to have another person with you but because you have this drone with you, you now have a cameraman that won’t complain or ask for breaks.

These guys are doing a kickstarter for what they call the AirDog.

I think that what they are doing is great and I think drones have an amazing potential. However there is a problem that I foresee.

What happens when you and everyone on your block has a drone of some sort. Will they crash into each other? Instead of yelling “get off my lawn!” will people yell “get out of my airspace!” These are things that will need to be addresses looking forward.

The peace of a calm summer day with the breeze blowing and the birds chirping would be shattered the moment a drone flew overhead, scattering the birds and breaking the calm of the scene.

Now I like drones, I think that the shots that the drone captured during the fireworks show were amazing and the AirDog idea is awesome (I’ll probably be getting one) but if there were 20 drones flying around the fireworks show and an AirDog following everyone around then it would get pretty annoying.

Just some food for thought. Speaking of thoughts, if you have any then feel free to voice them in the comments below. How do you feel about drones? Do you want more or less in the sky? I want to know :)


Wallpaper - Gallifreyan 2

Recently I have done something to which I never thought I would do. Now in most respects I would call myself a nerd. I’m on the internet a lot, not a very sporty person, and I do things that your average person would not know how to do with technology. I love Doctor Who. I think the show is amazing and goofy and weird and overall very funny. I would probably say it is one of my favorite shows of all time. To those who have watched the show then you know that the Time Lords have a language that they use that looks pretty cool and is the  language that only Time Lords can read. I have started to learn how to write in that language. I know, that is pretty bad right, I would say geeky even. But I have no inclination to speak it (besides there is no way to speak it) but it just looks to cool that i’m okay with writing it. An example of what the writing looks like will be somewhere on this post. So if someone wants me to write them something in this language then just ask. Anything around five words i’m confident that I can do.