Noise Level

Just tune it out

The level of noise in a room is something I’m very sensitive too.

Let’s say for example someone is playing music in another room. Now if they want to blow out their ears that’s great for them, but when it starts to affect me that is where I draw the line.
Is it so hard to use headphones?! I understand that the feeling is not the same as listing to bigger speakers but some common respect would be nice.
I see this everywhere. People carrying around speakers In the streets, on the bus, in the tube, at the library, in a house. Or they are playing their headphones at full volume when the headphones aren’t even in their ears! People don’t seem to understand that the noise they are generating, be it through music or some other means, can be annoying and distracting to those around them.
When you confront them they say “just tune it out.” Seriously! That’s like saying, “oh you don’t like the smell of that? Just stop breathing.” I can’t just go deaf all of a sudden!
To be fair you can tune it out to a certain degree but after a point the noise level is just too high to be tuned out.
To summarize, be aware of your surroundings people. It’s pretty easy, and if you take a break from destroying your ears you may hear something you didn’t know was there. It could save your life one day.
Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out. Thanks for reading!

The Increasing Amount Of Drones In The Sky

This is something that I’ve been thinking about lately: With all the recent interest and development in drone related things, what does that mean for the future when we look up at the sky?

I’ve been seeing articles and video’s pop up about new ways to put drones in the sky and the increasing popularity of quad-copters. Like GoPro’s recent video where someone flew a drone into the area where a fireworks show was being put on:

There is another idea (which I think is quite cool and clever) to use a drone to follow you while you do action sports that would require you to have another person with you but because you have this drone with you, you now have a cameraman that won’t complain or ask for breaks.

These guys are doing a kickstarter for what they call the AirDog.

I think that what they are doing is great and I think drones have an amazing potential. However there is a problem that I foresee.

What happens when you and everyone on your block has a drone of some sort. Will they crash into each other? Instead of yelling “get off my lawn!” will people yell “get out of my airspace!” These are things that will need to be addresses looking forward.

The peace of a calm summer day with the breeze blowing and the birds chirping would be shattered the moment a drone flew overhead, scattering the birds and breaking the calm of the scene.

Now I like drones, I think that the shots that the drone captured during the fireworks show were amazing and the AirDog idea is awesome (I’ll probably be getting one) but if there were 20 drones flying around the fireworks show and an AirDog following everyone around then it would get pretty annoying.

Just some food for thought. Speaking of thoughts, if you have any then feel free to voice them in the comments below. How do you feel about drones? Do you want more or less in the sky? I want to know :)

Conversing About Music And Why It Annoys Me

Now don’t get me wrong, I love listening music. I’m always listing to music. I’m listening to a song right now. (Us by She Wants Revenge) But I think that when it comes to talking about music there are some common problems that are encountered.

Let’s run though a scenario together. You meet someone new and one of the fist topics you get to is “Well what kind of music do you listen to?

Uh oh, hold up!

This is critical. Are the genres that you like similar to what they like? Or maybe you don’t care about what they think and just start listing some of your favorite genres and artists. That’s fine, but then, “I haven’t heard of them.

Well, that’s a bummer, now you have to stop and try to sort though you musical knowledge and try to find something in common. But the problem with this is you may have a lot of music in your library. I have a relatively small library at about sixteen hundred. But what if they have a larger one, there is no time to go though all your music!

Now lets say that you have successfully found some artists and songs in common. Great but now what comes next? “Have you heard of so and so? Here, listen to this one.

Oh great, now I have to listen to the entire song, and I’m probably in a hurry somewhere or in a place where I can’t really enjoy/hear the song to its fullest.

I don’t want to go though all that!

To me, music is something that you need to sit down and listen to with the majority of your attention for at least the first few times you hear the song. That way you can really appreciate the song and decide if you actually like listening to it.

Music is amazing. It can make you move. It can make you dance. It can make you feel fear. It can make you feel happy. It can make you feel despair. Music is something that is essential to living in my opinion and I want to take the time to appreciate it if it deserves my appreciation.

I don’t have a solution to this problem, at least not one that I can think of that can be solved with our current level of technology, but I did want to voice my concerns about the way that most people talk about music now-a-days.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can draw some similar reactions. If you have any thoughts on the topic then please leave a comment below.

Being A Photographer

This video sums up the experience that I have had with other people when I take pictures with a camera that looks professional. It can be very frustrating.

Over-Ear Headphones

I have a problem, a serious first world problem. I can not find a single pair of over-ear headphones that I like. This is prompted because I recently bought a headset from Razor. To be specific I got the Razor Kraken Pro’s. Now I like Razor, I think they have a cool thing going and I thought that these headphones would be great for me as I read a bunch of reviews about how comfortable they were and that they had great quality and all that. When I got them though I tried them out and right off noticed a difference in sound that I am not used to when listing to music though speakers, the sound was a little rough. That is not the issue though. I love music quality and always try to get the best that I can but what I need in headphones is for them to be comfortable. My whole life I have had problems with headphones that have a band that rest on the top of your head. I do not know why this is but it has never abated me. Maybe my head is uneasily sensitive, but every time I wear a headset for more than 30 minutes they start to hurt my head and I have to take them off. It really bugs me because I want to get a pair that I can wear for extended amounts of time. I will not have to return this headset which really bums me out because they are very nice, great color scheme and construction, but I just can not enjoy wearing them for a long time. Alright, that was my rant. Maybe I should start a rant day. Rant Wednesday maybe. That could work. Okay, i’m done here.