Doctor Who Season 8: Episode 1

The first episode with the new doctor! Whooo! Let’s see how he does.

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Wallpaper - Gallifreyan 2

Recently I have done something to which I never thought I would do. Now in most respects I would call myself a nerd. I’m on the internet a lot, not a very sporty person, and I do things that your average person would not know how to do with technology. I love Doctor Who. I think the show is amazing and goofy and weird and overall very funny. I would probably say it is one of my favorite shows of all time. To those who have watched the show then you know that the Time Lords have a language that they use that looks pretty cool and is the ¬†language that only Time Lords can read. I have started to learn how to write in that language. I know, that is pretty bad right, I would say geeky even. But I have no inclination to speak it (besides there is no way to speak it) but it just looks to cool that i’m okay with writing it. An example of what the writing looks like will be somewhere on this post. So if someone wants me to write them something in this language then just ask. Anything around five words i’m confident that I can do.