Bioshock Infinite – Part 1

I admit, I butchered the spelling of Infinite the first three times I tried to type it. So I’ve decided to replay the game as of late and hopefully I can make timely progress on that however, being as my schedule is sometimes pretty tight, expect updates with this to be intermittent. Because I’ve played through it once before I decided to take my time with the story this time (as it is a very in-depth one I think) and explore more of the background and different facets of the game. I started out the game and immediately began noticing things that did not stand out to me the first time around. For starters the people in the boat with me at the beginning are the two scientists (I apologize I’m not very good with names at all and don’t usually care to look them up but you should know who I’m talking about) and inside the tower there is a timetable of where Columbia will be at any giving time of the year. That was interesting to see. Progressing through I passed the baptism and the followers who were crazy and then went through my remembrance of my initial play through when I thought that the fair would be this nice little get together and the slow buildup of little irregularities about how these people live that resulted in the couple being shown and how these people had a backwards way of thinking and what today we would consider common. The first time I played though I threw the ball at the announcer but this time I decided to wait and see what would happen. I still got noticed a the “false sheared” and had to fight everyone. After that whole scene I progressed up to meeting the scientist again in the bar area and they gave me the magnetic shield. I wonder if they did that in other realities because they were talking about how it could have killed me as if they had never one it before. maybe they were trying something new out in this version. That’s pretty much all that I remember doing in that sit down. Until next time :)