Catacomb Snatch Review

So I tried this game out recently and I have to say, it was pretty fun.

Essentially the goal is to explore a maze while killing monsters to get money to buy defenses and new guns so that you can eventually, after exploring the maze, find the center and bring back an amount liquid from this temple looking thing to your main base.

It’s oddly addictive and you can spend a decent amount of time playing a single game.

There is also a multiplayer mode where 2 people can compete against each other to see who can bring back the liquid stuff first.

If you want to check the game out then you can find the main website here, it’s a small jar file to download and it runs off of that.

Simple fun, why not right?


The Adventures Of Appletree: Part 1

The first few months can be a slow start but The Rock and Helga are almost done digging out the entrance to the soon-to-be vast Mountain Hall! Black Widow is over in the carpenters workshop building some beds for everyone along with some other needed supplies (like barrels to but the essential beer in) and Jim is just about to start building the mason’s workshop.

Now we have the makings of an actual fort. They still need to decide where everything will go and what rooms will be used for what but so far everything is going smoothly.

After a few months of work and towards the end of summer, work on the main meeting hall was finished, for now. There are beds for everyone and stockpiles were the supplies are gathered along with a few workshops. Everything is contained and the team now has a base of operations from which they can build out from.

Some immigrants arrived as well. They were forced into slavery asked to try their hand at farming and started growing food for the group. 

The immigrant even brought a useless good-for-nothing child with them! How exciting!

So here we have the current population of Appletree:

Also, some of the new group have been given official titles:

So there you have it, the first part of the Appletree story. After some interior decorating and  expansion they will have a real shot here. All of the main members are feeling “quite content” with their current status. I hope that doesn’t change . . .


Let’s Start An Experiment!

Today I’m going to try something new. I’m going to play through a game of Dwarf Fortress and make a story out of it. I think it will be fun :)

For those of you who do not know what Dwarf Fortress  (DF) is then go ahead and read this post here where I explain it to some degree.

I am by no means a great DF player so we’ll see how far I get. I like to think I can get past most obstacles but in this series I’m going to just have FUN and maybe try to use my dwarven slaves friends to build a mega-structure or two. I will also not be using Dwarf Therapist so that should only increase the level of FUN!


My group of 7 Dwarfs from the land of “The Infinite Planets” set out to found the Fortress “Appletree!” in the year 250. They are a group from the same clan and got together after a night drinking that setting up a fort could be the easiest way to die a fun thing to do. So they set off in search of a good spot to start digging!

Here is a quick rundown of their personalities and names:

Apple will be the farmer/beer producer for the group.

The Rock will be the first of the miners/masons in the group.

Jim will be the second miner/mason in the group.

Russia will be the ultimate cause of our demise leader of our little group.

The Hulk will be a other brewer and later our weapons expert.

Black Widow will be the dwarf dealing with the wood, whether that be chopping it down or making it into stuff.

Helga: will be the third and final miner/mason for the group.

Here they are ready to start.

The Rock, Jim, and Helga are already hard at work mining out the entrance to the soon-to-be mountain home.

I’m excited! I’ve never done this before so bear with me, I hope to make this fun for everyone :)

Why I Enjoy EVE Online


For those of you that do not know, EVE Online is a MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is based in the future in a different galaxy from our own.

The basic back story is at some point in the future there was a wormhole that was discovered that allowed access to a new galaxy very far away. The galaxy was named “New Eden.” Eventually colonies were established in New Eden and everything was great. Until the worm hole collapsed leaving the colonists trapped. This resulted in the eventual collapse of civilization. However after a time four factions arose to dominate the galaxy once again.

You are a capsuler. An essentially immortal person (because of the use of clones when you die to re-spawn) with access to space ships to travel throughout the galaxy.

The main reason that I like this game is that it is HUGE!!

There are over 5000 individual solar systems that are accessible for everyone with another 1000 or so that can only be found with the help of special equipment. This is a crazy amount of space that players can utilize. The systems are arranged with high security systems in the center and then as you get further and further away from the center the security status decreases until it is lawless space. The majority of solar systems in the game are lawless space.

This lawless space opens up the possibility for territory control.

Players can come together in corporations (guilds or clans in other games) and fight for territory, work to gather resources, or just hang out. But if you go out into lawless space then the competition for resources and the best spots gets really fierce.

But the people are what make this game great.

Now while there may be the trolls in the sense that they might try to scam you and then blow your ship up, it makes up for it when you find someone who is genuine and is a nice person. Because the game is a pay to play game at $15 a month, that eliminates a lot of the kids that are there to make noise and brings in the dedicated players.

There are some drawbacks. One being that it can be hard to get into and at times it seems like the game is just grinding but I think that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

So in summary. EVE Online is a huge game where you have a lot of possibilities to hang out and have fun. It’s not for everyone but I enjoy it.

If you happen to play then I’d love to fly with ya. Comment below with your username and I’ll message you.

The Universim



The Universim by Crytivo Games — Kickstarter.

This games interests me. Today they announced a kickstarter after much preparation with the pre-alpha. This game has everything for people who like simulation games and or management games. Resources, cities, space exploration, aliens, disasters. I personally will be backing this and I hope that is succeeds as it seems like a creative and fun idea. That pretty much all I have to say about it. If you want to know more then check out their kickstarter pages which i have included a handy dandy link to under the picture.

Dwarf Fortress

So with a quick search or two around WordPress reveals that there is only one blog that actively posts about Dwarf Fortress which can be found here. I link what these guys are doing as they are playing off the same world and having FUN. Now most of you are probably thinking “why the heck is dwarf fortress?” or “I head that game was too complicated” Truth is, it is very complicated. But not that hard to learn, and the possibilities are infinite. In the fortress mode of DF, you start with 7 dwarves and from there on you try to create a fortress in the middle of nowhere. You as the player can not do anything directly, instead you have to list orders that your dwarves will then follow. There for you ave to manage your dwarves in order to achieve success with your fortress. DF is not like other games, it is much more in-depth but also much more sparse. To someone who has never played the game it may look like the matrix.large_matrix But once you learn to read everything your imagination takes over. R2HMD

DF is also a very complicated game but the rewards are much better.


I think the game is fun and if you play it with a texture pack then that might help with the initial ASCII format of the game. I hope you go and check out this amazing game but if you don’t like it then hey, it’s not for everyone.

Bioshock Infinite – Part 1

I admit, I butchered the spelling of Infinite the first three times I tried to type it. So I’ve decided to replay the game as of late and hopefully I can make timely progress on that however, being as my schedule is sometimes pretty tight, expect updates with this to be intermittent. Because I’ve played through it once before I decided to take my time with the story this time (as it is a very in-depth one I think) and explore more of the background and different facets of the game. I started out the game and immediately began noticing things that did not stand out to me the first time around. For starters the people in the boat with me at the beginning are the two scientists (I apologize I’m not very good with names at all and don’t usually care to look them up but you should know who I’m talking about) and inside the tower there is a timetable of where Columbia will be at any giving time of the year. That was interesting to see. Progressing through I passed the baptism and the followers who were crazy and then went through my remembrance of my initial play through when I thought that the fair would be this nice little get together and the slow buildup of little irregularities about how these people live that resulted in the couple being shown and how these people had a backwards way of thinking and what today we would consider common. The first time I played though I threw the ball at the announcer but this time I decided to wait and see what would happen. I still got noticed a the “false sheared” and had to fight everyone. After that whole scene I progressed up to meeting the scientist again in the bar area and they gave me the magnetic shield. I wonder if they did that in other realities because they were talking about how it could have killed me as if they had never one it before. maybe they were trying something new out in this version. That’s pretty much all that I remember doing in that sit down. Until next time :)

Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation

To start off, this is one of my favorite games right now. I love RTS’s and this game takes it to a whole different level in my opinion. Instead of waging war on one map you can take off to other planets. You go from battling head on against 1-10 people to suddenly having to manage 2-10 different fronts in the span of one game depending on your skill level. I’ve been watching this game since the beginning when if was first announced on kickstarter and was funded with 2.2 million. Then the alpha was released and then the beta, at which point I bought a key and started playing. At the time of this writing the game is currently in gamma phase and is releasing  updates fairly regularly. If you like to play RTS’s then I recommend you check this game out, and if you want to play me in a match then just shoot a message my way. I’m not that good, now that everyone else has played more than me and their skills have increased while mine have not but I still like to play, even though I lose most of the time :)

BioShock Infinite Pondering

I’ve been considering replaying this game recently because it was so darned amazing the first time I played through. I know there is some contention on it being a good game but I am a firm believer that it was very well made. Caution Spoilers ahead.

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