No Game No Life: Episode 12 Review

No Game No Life

It’s the season finale! A great ending to the show in my opinion. I hope that they announce season 2 soon!

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No Game No Life: Episode 11 Review

No Game No Life

Well, here it is. The second to last episode of the season! Sorry this review was a little late, I had a big workload this weekend and was not able to start watching until the day after and you get the idea. Now, enough with the excuses, without further a due, the review!

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No Game No Life: Episode 10 Review

No Game No Life

Time for another No Game No Life review!

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Anime Re-draw #5

This is my next creation.

No Game No Life Wallpaper 5

It’s very similar to #4 but thats because I drew them both in the same day. In this one and the last one I was going for quick, rough, and simple, thats why there is less color use in this one.

Anime Re-Draw #4

No Game No Life Wallpaper 4

I learned how to draw straight lines! This was a big achievement for me. In spending more time in Photoshop I am slowly become more acquainted with the program. Learning shortcuts, different tools, it is all very fun. I also tried something different with this and created my own background! Very exciting for me :)

No Game No Life: Episode 9 Review

No Game No Life

This episode was without a doubt, one of the craziest ones yet. They are really ramping up the intensity of the show.

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Anime Re-Draw #3

No Game No Life Wallpaper 3

So here is my next re-draw. I developed my technique a bitty (still really bad/rough) but I’m learned new things along the way so that’s fun. These screenshots should not be spoilers in any way, also this is from episode 2 which if you haven’t seen by now then you should go and watch it :)

I’ve been pretty busy these last few days and will be for the rest of the week, lots of projects to be worked on. However I do have a few of these re-draws that I will be putting out so more of those will follow over the next few days.

Anime Re-Draw #2

So I decided to get a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet. It may have been an impulse buy I’ll admit, but it was affordable so I thought why not? I’ll be writing a review about the tablet soon after I’ve spent more time working with it but in the mean time I created another re-draw for a first run with the tablet. Here it is!

No Game No Life Wallpaper 2


I’ll admit, it’s pretty rough but in my opinion better than the first one. Also having the tablet to work with cut the time it took to make this in 3rds! The first redraw took my about 6 hours to complete, this one took me just under 2 hours. I was impressed by how fast it was to make this. Now if I had spent the same 6 hours working on this one it would be much better (hopefully) but I just wanted to run though and see how fast I could go.

So this might be a new thing I do. Every few days I’ll put out a re-draw of something. I hope to eventually be able to make stuff from my imagination but right now I’m stuck to tracing :)

No Game No Life: Episode 8 Review

No Game No Life

Alright, This one was awesome. It had everything: super intense moments, thought-out plans, mystery, shocked old dudes!

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Anime Re-Draw #1

Armed with Photoshop and a mouse, I began

So I decided to try my hand at “drawing” a shot from No Game No Life after I saw the thread over at Crunchyroll for a contest about it. Now I’m not the person who draws, I am terrible, just the worst. Stick figures are the best I can do. But I’ve always wanted to be able to draw things, I think it is a useful skill for conveying ideas. Now given that, and armed with Photoshop and a mouse, I began. The result was something that is not the best but something that I am proud of doing. I spent a total of 5 hours working on this and while I know it is not amazing, it will be going into my wallpaper rotation. I hope to improve my abilities in the future and get better so that I can do this show justice when re-drawing screens from it.

If you would like the picture for whatever, just click the picture for the large version, If you intend to use it somewhere, I have no problem with that but please give me credit :)

No Game No Life Wallpaper 1