Kill la Kill Episode 24 “Past the Infinite Darkness”

Don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers.

I’m about midway throughout the episode right now and wow. Firs with the failed attacks and then with the death and Mako crying which was very sad but funny at the same time so I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Ryuko seems to be okay with her being a hybrid ow because she can fight. Senketsu learned that he is a hybrid too and completely surprised the mother (i’m too lazy to remember names and look them up but you know who i’m talking about. wow now it’s like the sisters are one and the same. It really is synchronized. He’s back! and he broke the barrier!ehh the transmitter blew up! Action! Cutting with scissors! Great, now Nui is basically the head the main life fiber. I hate her so much. Hmmm, she became a spaceship, thats interesting. wow, a crazy new outfit, one fit for SPACE! and everyone is naked. That’s some crazy scissor transformation she has there. Infinite absorbing ability, that is a nice one. Ahh there goes the people back to people. and everyone is still naked. they are is space and they have no clothes. Interesting. suicide. Bummer, I wanted her to die by someone else’s hand. No Senketsu don’t die!!! Well now I’m sad :( Ouch, that had to hurt, everyone is still naked.  WHAT! they can’t end it there! I’m going to watch through the cut scenes and if there is nothing more about Senketsu then I’m going to be mad. Alright I’m mad. I think the ending could have been better but I guess not everyone gets a happy ending. Well that concludes a very goof anime series that I enjoyed thoroughly


Kill la Kill Episode 23 “Imitation Gold”

Alright a little late with this one but I was busy with other stuff. I’ll be writing this as I watch the episode too for a change and see if that worlds better. It’s the opening song right now so I can type. The beginning was pretty cool, Mako just made everyone look bad because she made the first blow and now it’s back on! Dang, the mom is pretty powerful in combat. That woman is just insane. Alright so the giant floating thread ball is basically a giant battleship, interesting. Mako eating during the battle is apparently the source of her power. I think mako may have to mental problems, maybe not bad ones but still. The Four Devas got their new outfits! Hopefully they can do some damage now. Their suites look almost like godrobes in how they only cover a portion of their bodies. Dang, they actually got a cut on the crazy mom. OH! Ryuko NOOO! Okay, was not really expecting that. The entire ship is a blade, how fitting. Okay i’ll admit, when Mako gave her speech about waiting for Ryuko and helping, my eyes watered a bit. Just kill Ragyo already! Ahhh I hate Nui!! Got to have a nice cup of tea before you head out always. ALRIGHT! Man I am pumped for the next episode! The final battle. I wonder if the life fibers could still cover the world though tow that the origin (ah cutscene) Okay now Ragyo has a godrobe, thats not good. End of the episode Well dang, that was pretty crazy. All the battles were intense. Using the entire ship as a sword was awesome, I wondered why the edges were super sharp when they first launched it and now I know why. I had a mini heart attack when Ryuko got chopped in half but I should have guessed that she would be back and fighting in no time. Over all I would say that this was a good episode. Till next week!

Kill la Kill Episode 22 “Tell Me How You Feel”

This episode was on track. We see more of the comedic sarcastic Ryuko right off the bat and then Nui is still alive (darn) and Senketsu cries a whole lot. Overall,  Satsuki and Ryuko becoming “friends” more like allies was great to me because it shows that two completely different people can work together. When Nui lost her arms I was pretty pleased with that. After that we see her finally loose her composure for once and then she can not regain it throughout the episode so I think her days are numbered. The battle at the end ended just as it was getting intense! Even Mako was going to help fight, that would have been cool to see. Guess i’ll have to wait until next week to see that one. I liked this episode personally, it seemed as if it was filler in a few scenes but overall in was still in a continuos arc. The final episode will probably be the final battle, no after the fact stuff which will be a bummer but hey, it’s been good so far. Getting down to the wire now though, only three episodes left!

Kill la Kill Episode 21 “Incomplete”

Sorry this is late but I forgot to write a review in my excitement. Caution spoiler ahead

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Kill la Kill Episodes 1-20

Oh where do I start. If you don’t want spoilers then please stop reading here and watch the show, you probably will not be disappointed.

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