Forwards Or Backwards, That Is The Question

This question was posed to me: “you can travel one direction in time, forwards or backwards, which do you choose?”

I paraphrased there a bit but essentially this is a very easy question for me to answer as I have thought about it before.

(I’m also assuming that you can pick how far you want to go backwards or forwards and that you would not have a way of going back once you got there)

I would travel forward in time. No question.

Why might you ask? Well it is because I love the unknown. I think it is amazing and full of possibilities and I love to just know what will be.

Thing is, I know what has happened. I took all my history classes. It’s happened, it’s done. Now granted I do not know everything that happened. There are still a lot of mysteries that are not know like where did humans originate from and the like. There are also a lot of cool people who I would like to meet from the past like the Buddha for example.

However! The past has happened and the future has not. Therefore, the future has the most potential and that is what I want to learn more about.

Will the human race leave the earth eventually or will we never leave? Are there others in the galaxy or are we alone? Those questions are something that I think will be answered in the future.

I also think that if I traveled far enough into the future then I would be able to help them out and be a historian. I could recount firsthand some events that have happened from my time but to them is something that are lacking information on. You never know.

Of course there are also dangers to going into the future, a super virus or something that could kill me the moment I come in contact with another person or I could kill them or something else I have not thought of but I still want to go.

I don’t want to go to the past, at least the recent past because I don’t want to inadvertently change something that was vital for something. I don’t know what it would be but I don’t want it to happen.

I think that explains my stance daily well. If you have an opinion on the topic let me know in the comments. Do you want to go forwards or backwards?


6 thoughts on “Forwards Or Backwards, That Is The Question

  1. I’d definitely go forward too. Because, I have the ability to impact the future of the people around me. Yes, the past is done, and dwelling on the past is bad enough.

    When I read this post, I assumed you meant just continue in time as it is now, or somehow have everything flipped where the passage of time is backwards. I probably misunderstood.

    • In a sense ya. In my head I pictured an HG Wells situation where you would get in a machine and turn a lever and you would go forward from that spot or something similar. I guess I didn’t explain it too well.

      But I would go at least a thousand years or so into the future, to the point where everything I know is long gone.

      • Hah, in 1000 years I’m sure that humanity as we know it would’ve cancelled itself out ages ago. Not saying extinction-wise, but society. Who knows, all this technology could be gone.

      • And that’s something I would love to see, humanity minus technology. We’d be more self-sufficient, not reliant on entertainment, more open to each other. If the economic systems were gone, there’d be much, much less stress in our lives. It’d be very peaceful. Hmm

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