Why I like Flickr More Than Instagram


I recently started using Flickr after a long time of thinking it was bad and that it had a lot of improving to do. That “long time ago” was June of 2013.

One week ago I logged back into my account and I discovered something. Flickr is great now!

When you sign up you get 1TB of free space to store your pictures. Let me say that again, you get 1TB, for free. That is something I have not heard of being matched. The only downside to that is ads being displayed to you and in your slide shows when others scroll through your stuff. A small distraction for what you get in my opinion.

The Flickr app does everything that Instagram does and more. You can view your images up close in app and then select multiple shots to be uploaded. From there you can decide if you want the pictures to be public or just to friends and/or family. You can share the links to those pictures so people without Flickr accounts can view them on the website.

Now the shortfalls. I think that the web interface is a little lacking and hard to navigate in some areas. I also think that it is a bummer that you have to create an @yahoo.com mail/account to use the service. I personally do not puffer to use Yahoo and no not like being forced to have an account with them. However, you can sign in with Facebook or Google but the site warns you that you will have to sign in with a Yahoo account eventually.

So that’s my opinion on Flickr. I have now begun to move away from Instagram and switch fully to Flickr. The service works for my needs and I encourage you to at least try it out if you have a need to store and share your photo’s online. Obviously I will not be putting my entire library online but for the ones that I consider “artsy” I will upload and share.

Thanks for reading my opinion and I would like to hear yours. What do you think about Flickr?



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