The Adventures Of Appletree: Part 1

The first few months can be a slow start but The Rock and Helga are almost done digging out the entrance to the soon-to-be vast Mountain Hall! Black Widow is over in the carpenters workshop building some beds for everyone along with some other needed supplies (like barrels to but the essential beer in) and Jim is just about to start building the mason’s workshop.

Now we have the makings of an actual fort. They still need to decide where everything will go and what rooms will be used for what but so far everything is going smoothly.

After a few months of work and towards the end of summer, work on the main meeting hall was finished, for now. There are beds for everyone and stockpiles were the supplies are gathered along with a few workshops. Everything is contained and the team now has a base of operations from which they can build out from.

Some immigrants arrived as well. They were forced into slavery asked to try their hand at farming and started growing food for the group. 

The immigrant even brought a useless good-for-nothing child with them! How exciting!

So here we have the current population of Appletree:

Also, some of the new group have been given official titles:

So there you have it, the first part of the Appletree story. After some interior decorating and  expansion they will have a real shot here. All of the main members are feeling “quite content” with their current status. I hope that doesn’t change . . .



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