Cleaning For Cleanings Sake

I cleaned some stuff recently and you know the feeling that you get after you finish, it’s a feeling of accomplishment that is just amazing.

I should explain my definition of “cleaning.” It’s not just dusting and picking things up and placing then back down once I’ve dusted. No, my version of cleaning is taking everything off of a desk or a closet or whatever, putting it in two piles, one I put strait into the trash and the other I organize and put back into or onto to the place it was.

My big thing is organizing, I extremely dislike it when things are out of place and I don’t know where they are.

My genius solution to this dislike is to throw new things I get into a pile which gets messier and messier. This ends up frustrating me until the point where I get fed up with it and then go on an organizing spree which results in me feeling like I’ve accomplished something and then that results in this post.

So let’s circle back to my main point (that I think I had at one point) “Cleaning” or organizing is something that should be kept up in my mind.

Take for example, a car engine. If it is clogged with a bunch of junk it will not run as efficiently as it would if it were clean. Or take a computer or phone. If you have too many files strewn all over the place, it will slow the whole thing down. You have to organize everything and keep it that way to keep the speed of the system up.

Wherever you live, keeping it clean and organized is a necessity.

BOOOM!! Knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning For Cleanings Sake

  1. This post is perfection. I was nodding my head the whole way through – I myself am a very tidy person; I like it when things are clean! :D

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