Wallpapers . . . Again


So awhile back I posted about how I have a collection of wallpapers that I put on a random cycle as my desktop picture.

Each picture is displayed for 1 minute. While that may seem like a short time, it’s really not considering how many wallpapers I have. If I were to have one picture onscreen for 5 minutes then I would never get though my collection.

The last time I posted I had 2,329 wallpapers which totaled to about 1.2GB. That’s about, on average, 900KB per picture (probably less, my math is bad) Overall not to bad considering my usually library containing pictures from my camera has each picture at around 16MB per picture.

My current library of wallpapers has exactly 4,342 items in it, totaling 2.39GB. My collection has almost doubled since the last post.

So the reason I have them being displayed for 1 minute at a time is because it already takes 3 entire days to go through them on a continues loop. If I increase that to 5 minutes per image then it would take 15 days to view everything!

I got these wallpapers to look at them and enjoy them, why would I make it harder to see them all?

I still think that everyone should have a scrolling background of wallpapers, (not as many as me but at least a few :) So if you see a cool image online and it would fit as your background, why not download it and stick it in a folder, it’s not hard to set up and you may like seeing different images besides your standard background image.


3 thoughts on “Wallpapers . . . Again

  1. I thought that having the scrolling background thing costed a little CPU that I could be using for something else.. so I kinda steered off of it. But dang, 2.4 GB of pictures…

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