Can You Know To Much?


It angers me quite a lot when I hear someone say “I don’t need to know that,” or “What is the use of knowing x?” Because I think that you can never know too much.

Why would you ever not want to know something? Knowledge can only further you in life. Where would we be if some of the great inventors in the past had thought “I don’t need to know how that works.” Say goodbye to electricity.

What’s worse is when people refuse to learn new things. I see this a lot when people interact with technology. If something doesn’t work, they get frustrated and give up, getting someone else to fix whatever problem they were having. However, the better thing to do would be to look up how to fix it and do it yourself! I’d be willing to bet that they have another computer in the house or a phone that is connected to the internet. If they don’t have neither of those things then they have a legitimate reason to call someone to fix whatever it is they need help with.

Knowledge is what separates us as individuals. To have more knowledge is to have a more defined self. If everyone had the same knowledge then I think that they would not be much of an individual. But if I know something that you don’t or vice versa then that is what distinguishes you from me, and that’s a good thing.

If you don’t have knowledge then you are helpless. That’s not to say that someone who knows less is less intelligent but I think that they are at a disadvantage.

In an age where the entirety of human history and knowledge can be accessed from a small device that fits inside your pocket, saying “I don’t know” is not a good excuse. I am guilty of this myself but I make it a point to learn something new everyday and to fix my own problems instead of immediately giving up and getting someone else to fix my problem for me.

Thanks for reading! I know that is was a little bit of a rant but a recent post by Cruel Ultimatum started my mind on this topic and I had to write a post about it.


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