One Of The Weirder Music Video’s I Have Seen

I like the artist and I like the song but some of the stuff was a little creepy. Overall the song itself is good for development of character and I think that the video adds to that so I like it but the first time you watch it, even more so if you don’t understand the french, you think “what am I watching”


Why I like Flickr More Than Instagram


I recently started using Flickr after a long time of thinking it was bad and that it had a lot of improving to do. That “long time ago” was June of 2013.

One week ago I logged back into my account and I discovered something. Flickr is great now!

When you sign up you get 1TB of free space to store your pictures. Let me say that again, you get 1TB, for free. That is something I have not heard of being matched. The only downside to that is ads being displayed to you and in your slide shows when others scroll through your stuff. A small distraction for what you get in my opinion.

The Flickr app does everything that Instagram does and more. You can view your images up close in app and then select multiple shots to be uploaded. From there you can decide if you want the pictures to be public or just to friends and/or family. You can share the links to those pictures so people without Flickr accounts can view them on the website.

Now the shortfalls. I think that the web interface is a little lacking and hard to navigate in some areas. I also think that it is a bummer that you have to create an mail/account to use the service. I personally do not puffer to use Yahoo and no not like being forced to have an account with them. However, you can sign in with Facebook or Google but the site warns you that you will have to sign in with a Yahoo account eventually.

So that’s my opinion on Flickr. I have now begun to move away from Instagram and switch fully to Flickr. The service works for my needs and I encourage you to at least try it out if you have a need to store and share your photo’s online. Obviously I will not be putting my entire library online but for the ones that I consider “artsy” I will upload and share.

Thanks for reading my opinion and I would like to hear yours. What do you think about Flickr?


Why I Dislike “Txting”

Let me start by saying that I think technology is awesome and communication is great. We are able to do things that would have been thought impossible 50 years ago. I txt people every day, I don’t send them a letter once a week. (to see my view of all that read this post on communication)

However! With the increase in all this technology there has also been a decrease in personal interactions. Instead of walking over to a friend’s house and talking to them now a days we just txt them for a few minutes and leave it. We generally do not schedule time to meet up with someone to discuss work with them or the events of the week. We just hop on Facebook and check out their profile.

This is something that I really dislike. I like to talk to talk people, something that is not done enough with the newer generations, that have grown up with technology, in my opinion.

You can type “lol” but it will never beat hearing the sound of actual laughter. I don’t think you will ever be able to replace the feel of talking face to face through technology for long time. Maybe someday but I will probably be long dead.

So for right now, talking face to face is very important and I think that you lose something by not interacting with people regularly. Can I describe what that something is? No, I’m not inclined enough in the literary arts and the philosophical world to know how to, but that does not mean I can’t feel it.

Event though technology is great and wonderful and allows communication in amazing ways, going back to the basics and talking with someone face-to-face is something that everyone should not go without.

The Adventures Of Appletree: Part 1

The first few months can be a slow start but The Rock and Helga are almost done digging out the entrance to the soon-to-be vast Mountain Hall! Black Widow is over in the carpenters workshop building some beds for everyone along with some other needed supplies (like barrels to but the essential beer in) and Jim is just about to start building the mason’s workshop.

Now we have the makings of an actual fort. They still need to decide where everything will go and what rooms will be used for what but so far everything is going smoothly.

After a few months of work and towards the end of summer, work on the main meeting hall was finished, for now. There are beds for everyone and stockpiles were the supplies are gathered along with a few workshops. Everything is contained and the team now has a base of operations from which they can build out from.

Some immigrants arrived as well. They were forced into slavery asked to try their hand at farming and started growing food for the group. 

The immigrant even brought a useless good-for-nothing child with them! How exciting!

So here we have the current population of Appletree:

Also, some of the new group have been given official titles:

So there you have it, the first part of the Appletree story. After some interior decorating and  expansion they will have a real shot here. All of the main members are feeling “quite content” with their current status. I hope that doesn’t change . . .


Cleaning For Cleanings Sake

I cleaned some stuff recently and you know the feeling that you get after you finish, it’s a feeling of accomplishment that is just amazing.

I should explain my definition of “cleaning.” It’s not just dusting and picking things up and placing then back down once I’ve dusted. No, my version of cleaning is taking everything off of a desk or a closet or whatever, putting it in two piles, one I put strait into the trash and the other I organize and put back into or onto to the place it was.

My big thing is organizing, I extremely dislike it when things are out of place and I don’t know where they are.

My genius solution to this dislike is to throw new things I get into a pile which gets messier and messier. This ends up frustrating me until the point where I get fed up with it and then go on an organizing spree which results in me feeling like I’ve accomplished something and then that results in this post.

So let’s circle back to my main point (that I think I had at one point) “Cleaning” or organizing is something that should be kept up in my mind.

Take for example, a car engine. If it is clogged with a bunch of junk it will not run as efficiently as it would if it were clean. Or take a computer or phone. If you have too many files strewn all over the place, it will slow the whole thing down. You have to organize everything and keep it that way to keep the speed of the system up.

Wherever you live, keeping it clean and organized is a necessity.

BOOOM!! Knowledge.

Let’s Start An Experiment!

Today I’m going to try something new. I’m going to play through a game of Dwarf Fortress and make a story out of it. I think it will be fun :)

For those of you who do not know what Dwarf Fortress  (DF) is then go ahead and read this post here where I explain it to some degree.

I am by no means a great DF player so we’ll see how far I get. I like to think I can get past most obstacles but in this series I’m going to just have FUN and maybe try to use my dwarven slaves friends to build a mega-structure or two. I will also not be using Dwarf Therapist so that should only increase the level of FUN!


My group of 7 Dwarfs from the land of “The Infinite Planets” set out to found the Fortress “Appletree!” in the year 250. They are a group from the same clan and got together after a night drinking that setting up a fort could be the easiest way to die a fun thing to do. So they set off in search of a good spot to start digging!

Here is a quick rundown of their personalities and names:

Apple will be the farmer/beer producer for the group.

The Rock will be the first of the miners/masons in the group.

Jim will be the second miner/mason in the group.

Russia will be the ultimate cause of our demise leader of our little group.

The Hulk will be a other brewer and later our weapons expert.

Black Widow will be the dwarf dealing with the wood, whether that be chopping it down or making it into stuff.

Helga: will be the third and final miner/mason for the group.

Here they are ready to start.

The Rock, Jim, and Helga are already hard at work mining out the entrance to the soon-to-be mountain home.

I’m excited! I’ve never done this before so bear with me, I hope to make this fun for everyone :)

Liebster Award: Take Two


Just the other day Atherz from Teenage Introvert nominated me for the Liebster Award! This has consequentially make me think about how bad I am with awards. Now don’t get me wrong I am truly grateful for receiving them. I am just atrocious (yes I had to look up how to spell that) at responding to them. Expressing things does not compute for me. I’m sure TI can understand that.

I’m probably rambling and most have no idea what I’m talking about. What I’m referencing is that I have received another Liebster (why does it want to auto-correct that word to Lobster?) award a few months ago and was never able to find people to pass it on too. So in my mind, I have failed :(

But NO MORE! I will be successful this time! So without further ado, here are the rules for the award:

  • Post the award on your blog (Check)
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog. (I think so . . . just checked, did it)
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself. (Well after I write this)
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers. (I will do that this time!)
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions. (Should be fun)

Because this will be my second time, I’ll include some facts from the previous one as BO-BO-BONUS FACTS!


  1. I love to build things. Computers, cars, small projects, anything that requires moving my hands to get the task done and I preferably like to learn something new while I’m doing it.
  2. I will commonly be typing or write and spell words backwards. Mostly small 3-letter words but sometimes longer ones. I have no idea why.
  3. I am a big fan of Oakley Sunglasses and have only purchased from them. However I have bought a few cheap pairs when I go to the beach so that I don’t have to worry. (I own a pair of polarized Crosshairs and a pair of limited edition Moto X Deviations)
  4. I consider myself part audiophile because I love to get the best quality that I can out of my music. But I don’t go overboard compared to some.
  5. My favorite color is green because of everything that I think it represents. Life, is all it’s forms, usually has a shade of green in it that forms. In humans: green eyes. In plants: kind of obvious, leaves. Many others as well. Green to me just looks right. (also I have no bias from my name ;)
  6. If it wasn’t apparent earlier, I love music. Music is a great form of expression and while I can not make music myself (that is enjoyable to others) I have huge respect to the people that can use music to connect with others and if they can become popular then even more so.
  7. I’m an adventurous person and will usually take on any challenge that I think I can do, going off of that, I low my limits pretty well so I know if I attempt something whether or not I can do it.
  8. I love to gamble. It’s not a problem or anything but if someone suggests starting a game then I won’t decline. Texas Hold’em is my favorite but I’ll play most card games. Adding a betting component always makes it more interesting. 13 for example while betting small amounts can be fun for a long time.
  9. I love to try new things, because what’s the use in always sticking with the same things. I’m only going to be young enough to get around for so long so might as well get everything that I can think of done before then :)
  10. I think on of the best purchases that I made within the last year was buying my GoPro. I am able to sue it in so many unique locations and bring it places I am not able to do with my DSLR all while retaining amazing quality. I love it!
  11. I am a firm believer that once you start using two monitors instead of one then there is no going back. I am actually looking to get a third monitor so I can have a tri-monitor setup! I can’t wait. (Also you start to look down upon the single monitor peasants ;)

Now for 3 BONUS FACTS!

  1. I am an Apple fan but am not clueless about technology, like a lot of Mac users, and have in fact built the computer that I am typing this on right now along with three others. In fact, they have all been “Hackintoshes” meaning that they run OSX with PC stuff in them. All totally legal and paid for (as far as I know but just keep it between you and me ;)
  2. My eyes are green and I have absolutely no desire to hide that. Except I am usually wearing sunglasses so you’ll only know if you see me inside.
  3. Halo is my favorite video game series. None have come close to beating it. I am supremely excited for the Maser Chief Collectors edition and Halo 5 when it comes out. I also own every Halo game made, most of them are the collectors editions or the limited editions.


First I would like to congratulate Atherz on his questions, they are pretty good and I am looking forward to answering them. So here we go!

Name your earliest memory.

I think my earliest memory is of walking into my kitchen as a child and seeing my mom pregnant with my younger brother. I would have been about 2 at the time and I can remember that moment very vividly. The perspective is weird because I remember looking way up to see her and now I have to look way down :)

Let’s spice things up. What is your favorite meal from a restaurant?

Hmmm well let’s see. If it were fast food then I would have to say In-N-Out. For the last 7 years I have gotten the same thing every time I go there. 3×3, fries, and a medium pink lemonade. It has never gotten boring and it always tastes amazing! However, if I were to say restaurant and not fast food then I will say that I am on a mission to find the best burger place in the world. So if I find one that looks good on the menu then I will order that and compare it to others I have tasted.

Which sense do you like the most? Why?

This is a good one. I like this because it forces you to think about all of your senses closely.

It’s a hot debate between sight and smell. In the end I would have to go with sight however because not being able to continue to take pictures and see the world change would hurt me immeasurably. Also, sight gives you another sense, that is of the passage of time. It gives you a clear way to distinguish how quickly or slowly time is passing. Something which I always need to know.

However, small is very important to me as well. Everything has its own unique smell and it is a key way to identify things. I love smelling things I would miss terribly not being able to smell.

In the end it would have to go to sight though.

What was your ideal vision for your blog?

Well my ideal vision, the vision that still is, is for my blog to be a community for like-minded people to share their thoughts on the topics I post and I would even post their topics as well. I love being able to connect with people who have similar interest to me as there are few like that in my local community.

How well do you deal with your emotions?

I think I deal with emotions very well. I don’t get too mad or too sad. However, that always ends up giving me a neutral disposition which can be annoying sometimes when outwardly you look “down” and your friends ask “what’s wrong, are you okay” when all you’ve been doing is thinking about random things with no direction. But hey, what ya gunna do right?

Would you rather… kill your best friend, or have your best friend kill you?

This is another great question. It’s a good way to get into a persons psych and se what their like.

Now I’m very honest with myself, I know why I’m like and how I would react. In all honesty, I would have to kill my best friend. Now it would still be extremely hard and I would never attempt to do it in normal circumstances but if pushed to it and there was absolutely no way around it then my survival instincts would kick in and I would be the one living another day.

What was your most vivid dream/nightmare?

My most vivid nightmare is when I was very young and I had watched the episode of Power-Puff Girls (ya I know, but I can only remember this episode now) where there are tiny machines in the rain.

In the nightmare my mom turned into one of those machines and I was hiding in my parents room with my brother and my dad. My dad left to go try to make thing right (whatever that may be) and then the dream ended.

As a BONUS my other vivid nightmare involved (also when I was young) sitting at the dinner table. I picked up my fork and looking at it, then jabbed it into my eye. To this day I have no idea why I had that dream or what it means but I never want to have sharp objects near my eyes now, it freaks me out.

Do you like where you live?

I love where I live, in the big CA near the beach so I can’t complain about anything. However if I had the choice I would move somewhere that has colder and rainier weather as that is my favorite type of weather. I’m a cold climate person.

What was your first experience on a social network / forum like?

Oh wow, well I guess the first social type of interaction that I had wasn’t on a forum but in a game. I used to play Runescape for many hours at a time and would talk with people in the game. Then I think I got a Facebook and after that deleted it. I’ve never been too much of a forum poster though I do like the idea.

What’s your main past-time hobby?

I’m not sure how to go about answering this. I would say that my main hobby is photograph and digital arts but as for the past-time, not sure. I do a lot of rock climbing as well, that’s one of my hobbies as well I guess you could say.

How do you feel about this nomination?

I feel that it is a redemption chance for me and a great way to share more about myself to my readers. I’m not someone who is used to sharing my thoughts so having an opportunity like this is something I need :)


Okay this time I have people to nominate! If I nominate you then it is because I like the work that you do and I feel that you deserve to be recognized for what you do.

Thank you to all the nominees for your content, I enjoy reading it very much. So to all the nominee’s you do not have to participate but it encouraged that you do. I sure would like to see your responses for one and I’m sure your readers would enjoy them as well :)


Alright, my questions let’s see, what do I want to know.

  1. What is your favorite type of food and why?
  2. If you could go to the moon and spend 15 minutes on the surface and then come back for free, or go on a 3 month all expense paid vacation to anywhere you want on earth, which one would you choose and why?
  3. What color are your eyes and do you like them? Why?
  4. Do you listen to music often and if so what are your favorite genres and bands?
  5. Do you think that everyone deserves a second chance? Why is that?
  6. Are you a vegetarian or do you love the taste of meat?
  7. Is there a special reason as to why you started blogging, if so what is it?
  8. What do you hope to accomplish in the next year and are you currently working to achieve that?
  9. How tall are you?
  10. You are tasked with fighting a wild black bear, do you use a gun, a sword, or just your fists?
  11. Someone invents a dream recorder, you can use it but you have to watch your dreams with your family and closest friends, would you do it?


I would just like to thank Atherz again for nominating me and I hope everyone had a good time reading all this, I know it was a lot.

Till next post!

Communication Today

You probably don’t think about it too often but communication is something that, in today’s world, is incredibly easy and important.

Could you imagine having to wait days, weeks, or months to get a response to someone? That’s what had to happen not to long ago yet now we start to panic if we don’t get a response within a few minutes.

I like to take a step back every once in awhile and just think about how an aspect of today’s life is so much better then it was previously. I don’t like to take things for granted. For example, I’m typing this on my phone, something that, if you proposed the idea of “writing” down something on a small pad with no pen to someone 40 years ago, they would have laughed at you and would have thought it impossible. Today though, most people you see in a first world area has a phone in their hand, pocket, purse or bag. I think that is amazing.

So I’d like you, since you made it this far I to the post, to think for a few moments about how communication has made your life easier and then think about how much harder it would have been to do the same task 20 years ago.

Thanks for reading!

Wallpapers . . . Again


So awhile back I posted about how I have a collection of wallpapers that I put on a random cycle as my desktop picture.

Each picture is displayed for 1 minute. While that may seem like a short time, it’s really not considering how many wallpapers I have. If I were to have one picture onscreen for 5 minutes then I would never get though my collection.

The last time I posted I had 2,329 wallpapers which totaled to about 1.2GB. That’s about, on average, 900KB per picture (probably less, my math is bad) Overall not to bad considering my usually library containing pictures from my camera has each picture at around 16MB per picture.

My current library of wallpapers has exactly 4,342 items in it, totaling 2.39GB. My collection has almost doubled since the last post.

So the reason I have them being displayed for 1 minute at a time is because it already takes 3 entire days to go through them on a continues loop. If I increase that to 5 minutes per image then it would take 15 days to view everything!

I got these wallpapers to look at them and enjoy them, why would I make it harder to see them all?

I still think that everyone should have a scrolling background of wallpapers, (not as many as me but at least a few :) So if you see a cool image online and it would fit as your background, why not download it and stick it in a folder, it’s not hard to set up and you may like seeing different images besides your standard background image.

“Apple’s Event” And My Reaction

I’ll keep this brief and only about my opinions as I’m sure you can find the tech specs online. Also I apologize for the lateness, I meant to have this out directly after the live-stream but that did not happen.

iPhone 6

I’m pretty excited for the new iPhone. I like the size and the features it implements to deal with the new sizes. (double tap the home button and screen moves down) Improvements to battery life are always great as well. The main decision for me is whether to get a 6 or a 6 plus (yes I will be getting one but not right away, I’ll wait for the bugs to get worked out) I don’t know if I will like the bigger size of 5.5 inches. The only way I will be able to decide is to go to an apple store and hold the phone for myself. I’m not totally opposed to getting the plus if it feels good in my hand.

The new camera is what I paid a lot of attention too. A plus for the plus (see what I did there) is that is has the optical video stabilization which I would very much like to have. That will factor into my decision greatly.

Apple Pay

This way of paying may actually get me to use passbook. I’ve previously not used it much but with the ability to pay with NFC it would make my life easier and less of a hassle. The only problem I can see is if a store does not have an NFC capable way to pay which would be a bummer because then what is the point of inputting the card if you are going to carry around the cards anyway. You might as well get a coin and be done with it at that point.

Apple Watch

Now I have some mixed feelings about this product. It has everything I would like to see in a smart watch (except the one on one communication thing, what is that anyway?) and it seems to have the battery I would be okay with. However, I will only buy it if it is less than $150. I’m sure that apple could seek the watches at that price but early speculation that I’ve seen says that it will cost $350 which I am unwilling to pay. At that point it is more cost-effective to reach into my pocket and take out my phone to check the time.

Overall I was happy with the keynote, they poked fun at the early leaks and speculation being right and they gave a lot of information out. IOS 8 will be a great new update and I’ll be getting it the 17th I believe and then wait a month or so to get a 6.

So what do you think? Did you like the keynote? How much are you willing to pay for the watch? Will you even use the new features? Let me know.