Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 8


Finally! The tournament has arrived! This is the episode we (at least I) have been waiting for. To see how their skills compare.

If you think about it, it was reality easy for Kirito to get into the top 10 players in the GGO tournament. He’s never even played the game before! That must say something about his skills and determination. I can’t even imagine how good he must be in ALO, a game that he is intimately familiar with.

Kirito tries to talk to Sinon again, she does not have fun with these conversations anymore.

I’m not sure how I feel about Kirito keeping up the guise of a girl. I can’t tell if he is enjoying it or not. It’s a little weird.

I have to give the writers credit, they did a good job in designing a game that sounds like a lot of fun. To have a big map where everyone one spawns on then to have updates on their location every 15 min, that’s a good system.

Kirito is onto something. He thinks that Death Gun will be participating in the tournament. I think it’s Gunner X, that sound more like Death Gun than anything. Participating in the tournament would be the best way to take out both Kirito and Sinon . . .

Then kirito goes out and says it, not in the most direct way but Sinon gets it. She know has a hint that Kirito was in SAO “that game.” She knows know that Kirito could pull the trigger, take a life for the person your care for. Can Sinon do it though? Could she pull the trigger? I think she might have to before the season in over.

Yup, Death Gun will be participating, his face was showed in the countdown. This should get interesting.

Already we are off to a fast start. People are already getting killed left and right. Sinon shows her skill with the sniper hitting a grenade from a distance, impressive. However, we have seen nothing of Kirito yet.

It looks like Dyne is being chased, but by who? Kirito! He’s back! It looks like he suspects the guy that’s chasing Dyne too, Pale Rider, one of the three new guys. The first inclination is that it is Death Gun. The guy is fast, extremely agile. However, why would he be going after Dyne? The guy was not on his list.

There he is! Death Gun makes the first appearance in the tournament. He has a gun that fits his name well, “Silent Assassin.” So he has to use the one gun to kill people.

For sure a tense moment where kirito wants Sinon to fire at Death Gun. But then it ends on a cliffhanger again! That hurts. I want to see some extended action! This will be great when I am re-watching it later down the road, no week-long breath holding.


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