Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 7


I decided to not put in the pictures this time. however, if it was something you would like to see more of let me know.

I was wondering if Kirito would take a break from the game and go back to the real world.

Sugu does a morning interrogation. It’s pretty obvious that Kirito is distracted by something and Sugu wants him to be safe. However, what he is doing is anything but safe because he is dealing with Death Gun. Kirito also lies to Sugu in that he is not doing anything dangerous. I guess it is for the best though, she might have put up a fight if he had said that he was doing something dangerous.

Asuna offeres to convert to the game, which Kirito declines the offer buut . . . I hope that she goes into GGO as well, because then they would have almost the same team together.

Sinon is having a hard time dealing with how Kirito acted. I think it is in part because she is jealous of how effortlessly he could accomplish so much. However, she waaaas made a fool out of as well. She was led along to believe that he was a she. But Kirito is also inspiring this girl to grow out of her shell. She could even make a gun with her hand and not feel bad from it for a little bit.

Then we have the guy who wants to be with Sinon, I still think he is Death Gun, however it is seeming to be less likely as time goes on. He will probably sacrifice himself in the future or try to take out Kirito if he thinks that he is getting too close to Sinon.

Kirito is having nightmares about fighting and killing other players again. He is not going to be able to fight well until he gets over this block.

The conversation with the nurse brings up some interesting ideas. Kirito is now just having trouble with killing other players. He has carried around this weight all this time and not had any enlightening ideas about it, so the guilt has been eating at him. The nurse makes a good point at the end that “if you had really forgotten then you wouldn’t suffer so much.” Those right there, are words of wisdom.

It appears that Asuna is quite worried about Kirito as she was too distracted during a fight. That’s surprising knowing that they are survivors of SAO, you would think they would always stay focused during a fight. Maybe that is what they were trying to show though, that she is so worried that even he instincts left her.

The standoff at the end was intense, if they both won’t lose, then it will have to be a draw, unless something bad happens during the tournament . . .


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