Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 6


Insane, that’s really all I can say. I’m going to try a slightly different style with this review. I’ll be posting screenshots from the episode as well so that you all (the readers) can see the scene I’m talking about. Hopefully that will work out.

We go back to Kirito talking to Death Gun again. To find out that he was from SAO as well was shocking to say the least. Just look at Kirito’s face!

For Kirito to say that he doesn’t understand the question probably just saved his life to be honest. Death Gun will kill him either way but I think that he wants to watch him a little more to see if he is the real thing. I would be pretty shocked too as you can see Kirito as Death Gun walks by.

The flashback to SAO was great. No just because we got to see more of that world but because we got to see another side of the world that we had not seen before. We knew that Laughing Coffin was in the world but we never knew if they did anything about them. It tuns out that they actually organized a team to go and take out some of them because they were so bad.

However, that did not end up well for either side as they both took casualties. There is also a deeper meaning to this scene and the episode as a whole I think. That being the different between killing people in a game and killing people in real life. In SAO, real life was the game essentially. However it is different in GGO, but the game is more violent. With Death Gun there it means that the game is real life as well because he can kill players. It is a thought-provoking conversation really.

As we see in the battle, some people have the nerve to kill other people but others do not. Sometimes you are forced to. Kirito himself killed 3 people in SAO. That is not something that is usually talked about. He even says later in the episode how they all just pushed it aside and tried to forget about it but in the end the people they killed are still there.

Kirito is not taking this well.

He is a wreck right now because he is trying to figure out who Death Gun could be and how terrifying his time in SAO was. They tried to get ride of laughing Coffin but here they are again in another game! It’s like the worst parts of the game are following him.

Then Sinon gets out of her match and goes over to Kirito. Of course she has no idea what just happened and assumes that his stress is from the match he just had. However, he has no problem with the matches. But then he goes right into another match before he can say anything else.

Honestly I was not sure what he was going to do when he got into the match again. However it seems like he just went all out and defeats all his challengers no problem.

Then things get interesting. Eventually Kirito challenges Sinon in the final round of the qualifiers. Sinon is getting a little disgruntled with the whole Kirito situation. She really wants to beat him for some reason. Sinon also expected Kirito to hide in the shadows but instead he walks right up to her. She is also getting agitated because of this as can be seen by the targeting circle going in and out so quickly.

So it was no surprise that her shot missed. It was a little surprising that all her other shots missed but she must be really agitated. So she gets up and runs right to him.

Sinon brings up a good point and shows how similar the two characters are.

Sinon wants to see this game as reality. At least in the sense that the game matters. She takes offense to those that think it is just a game and it does not matter because of that. However, Kirito knows this because he lived that.

So Kirito comes up with the idea of a duel. I knew that he would win. It’s not the sort of thing he would lose. Being able to slice a bullet in half is amazing though.

Then Kirito and Sinon have their little heart to heart

Sinon thinks that Kirito is strong. Kirito replies that it is just skill. I would argue that it is both. Kirito had to have to skill to survive SAO, but you have to be strong willed to survive as well. Kirito puts forth that you have to kill to save loved ones, and if that were the case, would you still kill? Kirito is implying that he came from a world where that happened, he had to kill. He says this to Sinon in a roundabout way. I wish he would just explain his situation to her! that might solve things quicker.

However, with this win, it definitely puts Kirito on Death Guns death list.

Theres the end of the episode for you! I thought that this was a great episode. It was surprisingly deep and had lots of interesting thoughts you could explore. Plus we saw another side of SAO, a much darker one, explored. I call all of this a win in my book!

Now all that’s left is for Kirito to explain to Sinon what he is doing in GGO and for Kirito to tell his cop buddies they Death Gun exists and is from SAO and a previous member of Laughing Coffin. That would be on my to-do list is I was in Kirito’s shoes.

Thanks for reading everyone! I’ll see you after the next episode!


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