Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 5


Here we go again! Unexpected events in this episode!

We start with the rush of trying to get to the registration building before time ends. Once they get there it turns out that you have to use your real information to register in order to get top-level prizes This is a huge issue for Kirito because he is so used to getting the top-level prizes that come from accomplishing things. At least that is what I think. I don’t like that you have to use your real information because that is just asking to be killed

It turns out that Kirito and Sinon will not be fighting until they get past the qualifiers.

I was not expecting the tournament to start so soon after the restoration ended. I assumed it would be a day or so but I guess there is no point in waiting.

It is at this point when Kirito is about to change with Sinon that he revealed he is not actually a girl. I’m with Sinon here in that he should have said earlier but he really didn’t know what her reaction would be so in order to get into the tournament he had to go along with it. It was a tough situation no matter how you look at it.

It seems that they are not going to be starting the competition on the best of terms. She even says that she wants to kill him.

What Sinon says about killing all the strong ones makes it seem that she could be Death Gun, as that is his mo. However we know that she is not Death Gun because she is his next target.

I think that this next guy, Spigeal, is Death Gun. Not sure why, but I think it’s him so if it turns out that it is then I called it!

Now Kirito’s first match starts. How will he fight? Right off the bat he gets hit in the leg and is on the run. It’s not looking good for him. It is not his usual style of fighting in the least. However, he remembers what he did in the gunman game and how that can apply to his current situation. Kirito also demonstrates an ability that we have not seen before, to sense the motion around him. I’m not sure where that would have come in handy in SAO but it could also be a new skill that he learned. But it was very effective nonetheless. (I’m liking the new music in this season, when he is running up to the guy for example, it is a good play off the original soundtrack) So now Kirito can essentially dodge bullets and take them out mid-air with his laser sword. That’s a pretty handy ability for sure. Also I doubt that anyone has been killed with a sword before in this game. (Those sound effects were compleatly taken from Star Wars)

DEATH GUN!! He is right there! This doesn’t look good. “Are you the real thing?’ was his question. That is taken to mean is Kirito the same Kirito that came from SAO? Which means, as Kirito thinks as well, that it is someone from SAO as well. Who could it be though? LAUGHING COFFIN! I’m shocked. This guy has taken player killing to a whole new level! If I were to guess I would say that it is the guy that Kirito ended up killing after his hand was chopped off. But that doesn’t make sense? He was killed right?!

Man, that was a good episode. Crazy! We now know a lot more about Death Gun. He came from SAO and he was a part of Laughing Coffin and apparently still considers himself a part of it. Maybe he missed the feeling that killing players meant something so he has continued to do it in this new game.

Now the question is, “will he go after Kirito because he is a top player? I can’t wait to find out in the next episode!


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