Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 4


Okay and we are back! Time for the next installment of this amazing show!

So Kirito decides to go into the game because there exists even the smallest chance that someone like death gun could be real. A noble choice.

Now when he first enters the game, that is a surprise. He looks almost exactly like a typical girl would in an anime. Apparently it is a really rare character model. Maybe that has something to do with the time that he spent in SAO? At least this explains the released art until now that shows him with long hair.

The next few clips show Kirito being called out because he looks like a girl. It really is a good description of what it is like to play as a girl in an online game. It is only amplified because they are “actually” there.

Of course he runs into Sinon right away and she ends up helping him because she thinks he is a she. I always like how everyone underestimates Kirito though. Maybe it’s a bit of an underdog thing. Rising to the top after everyone assumes you are not as good as you actually are.

The whole shopping sequence is useful to see how comprehensive the game is. There are so many options and combinations that it is overwhelming to someone who is used to just a sword and maybe some magic.

The gambling game where you have to tag the gunman was interesting. It also gave some insight into how much Kirito has trained up since he started playing again. He has really been working hard. Maybe it’s the way to go, creating your character in a another game, train up the skills you want in that game, then transfer to the other one. Everyones shocked expression is priceless. Kirito also gets the game’s purpose right away while everyone else relies on the system. Maybe the reason Kirito is so good now is because he has learned that the system is not everything and he desires to go beyond it.

Now back to shopping. Of course he goes right to the closest thing to a sword in the game and gets a black one. Classic. Then a pistol to accompany it, not to bad a load-out.

Going to the shooting range was an enlightening experience for Kirito I think. He realizes how hard it is to hit a target with a gun and that it is something he will need to work on if he wants to be able to compete

The suspense for the episode was at the end. They have to get to the registration point in the next three minutes. It turns out that Kirito is pretty good at driving a buggy. That’s a bit of a random fact but hey, it’s there.

I think that this episode answered a few questions. Why does Kirito have long hair? How did he meet Sinon? How will he fight without swords and people can take him out at long-range? Those were pretty much all covered.

This was a good episode in my opinion. So I’ll see you after the next one!


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