The Moto!

I’ve recently found out about this little gadget called the Moto.

The Moto is a bluetooth device that allows up to five people to connect to it. After they connect they can send their music from their device to it so everyone can play the music that they want to. It says the range is up to 300ft which I am skeptical of but I’ll have to get one and find out.

I mention this device because I think it is a good idea and because I am considering getting one. You could hook it up to my car stereo and whoever wants to play their music could connect to it and we could all listen to the songs that we want to.

If I end up purchasing the thing then I will let you all know how it works and if it is a worthwhile buy. Or, if any of you have bought one then maybe let me know in the comments below? Thanks for reading!


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