One Handhold At A Time

I’ve recently started rock climbing at a local indoor rock climbing place.

Now I’ve never rock climbed before, except at one of those theme park walls. I am also not the most physical person in the world. My idea of exercising is going up a few flights of stairs. I am by no means out of shape, okay I’m out of shape, but I have a good weight.

Let me get back to my topic. I started a week ago and have been going every day for a few hours each day since.

I have to say, it is really fun. It’s a great sport and I can see myself steadily progressing. Every day I can climb longer and more difficult routes. It’s great to be able to walk around the room and see climbs that you were previously not able to do but after some work you achieved it and now you are able to do it.

I bring my GoPro as well and I have gotten some really cool shots. Over these last few days I have advanced many levels (as far as I can tell) For those of you who know climbing terms, today I successfully topped out on a 10c and I’ve only been able to do a V3. I’m working on a V4 and a 10d right now.

I suggest that you try rock climbing. It’s a little expensive for my taste but I’m having a great time trying to build upon my successes.

If you love to see a visual representation of your progression then I would recommend that you try it out. Check out if there are any gyms in your area that offer it, I’m sure that there might be one that you haven’t seen before :)


One thought on “One Handhold At A Time

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