Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of SAO Season 2! One filled with a lot of new and insightful information I think. Let’s begin!

The start of the episode is interesting for sure. Instead of going back to Kirito like I thought they would, they chose to focus back on Sinon.

It appears that she has a group of girls that torments her and tries to extort her. The real twist is when the antagonist girl “draws a gun” on her. This at first does not make much sense because she handles guns all the time in the game. One would expect her to be okay with them in real life but instead she has a visceral reaction to them.

The by that runs to save her, Shinkawa, turns out to be a friend of Sinon’s and he is the one that introduced her to GGO.

During their cafe discussion, we see the first glimpse that Sinon has a hidden agenda for winning the BoB. She is disappointed that the person who brought her into the game is not going further with her though. It also seems that Sinon is the love interest of Shinkawa. Things should get interesting when she meets Kirito.

Back at her house Sinon tries to pick up a gun which to me looks like a model but could be a real one. She thinks that she can hold it now after having beat a top player in the game but when she picks it up she gets the same reaction she has had since the incident.

We then learn that as a kid she killed a man who tried to rob the place she was at. Personally I would not put blame on her as she was just a kid and scared and the man probably would have killed others if she had not shot him. (Also I want to say how completely useless the mother was in that whole situation, she never even tried to help her kid and then looked at her as if she was a murderer instead of being happy that she was alive!)

Then we get back to Kirito and Asuna. Their talk gives some important information on how the interconnectivity of the VRMMORPG’s work. You can convert to a different game but all your items are lost. Kirito explains to Asuna that he must go and investigate something in another world but she probably would not have been so understanding if he told her that it could involve death.

The hospital scene I think serves to give some more background to what happened after the first season and maybe just a bit of fan-service/awkward situation stuff. Kirito had to go through a lot of physical therapy after being stuck in the game for such a long time.

The next scene with Sinon explains why she has such a reaction to guns and what her life has been like up till now. She explains why she wants to win BoB. Because she believes that if she does she will get over her fear of guns in the real world.

In the last scene we see a troubling thing. It appears that Death Gun’s net target is Sinon. Which means that if Kirito doesn’t meet with her soon then she might be in a lot of trouble.

Well that was the third episode! I enjoyed it, I did not expect a lot of the new developments so that’s a win in my book. I am however looking forward to the episode when they start getting into some action. All the back story is nice but I think they have finally gotten everything out of the way and can start trying to find this Death Gun person.

Until the next episode!


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