Noise Level

Just tune it out

The level of noise in a room is something I’m very sensitive too.

Let’s say for example someone is playing music in another room. Now if they want to blow out their ears that’s great for them, but when it starts to affect me that is where I draw the line.
Is it so hard to use headphones?! I understand that the feeling is not the same as listing to bigger speakers but some common respect would be nice.
I see this everywhere. People carrying around speakers In the streets, on the bus, in the tube, at the library, in a house. Or they are playing their headphones at full volume when the headphones aren’t even in their ears! People don’t seem to understand that the noise they are generating, be it through music or some other means, can be annoying and distracting to those around them.
When you confront them they say “just tune it out.” Seriously! That’s like saying, “oh you don’t like the smell of that? Just stop breathing.” I can’t just go deaf all of a sudden!
To be fair you can tune it out to a certain degree but after a point the noise level is just too high to be tuned out.
To summarize, be aware of your surroundings people. It’s pretty easy, and if you take a break from destroying your ears you may hear something you didn’t know was there. It could save your life one day.
Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out. Thanks for reading!

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