Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 2

Back with another episode. This one did not turn out how I thought it would.

It tush out that this episode was pretty much entirely dedicated to setting up the new character Sinon.

The first scene reaffirms this point. It was entirely about her skills as a sniper.

However as the episode develops, we see that she is involved with some less than desirable cheaters. It seems that she is doing some sort of job for them, I wonder what her ties are to those players.

Sinon seems calm and in control for the most part. She definitely has the skills. When taking the first big shot of the episode she seemed to doubt herself at first but then convinced herself that it was easy.

With the addition of guns to the world the entire dynamic has changed. I guess with the addition of gun in a virtual reality environment it makes the entire experience something you can’t get from a video game we have now. So when the mini gun is taken out it really does change the battlefield.

You can see that Sinon is the leader type, taking charge when everyone looses their cool.I also think that she has a sort of vicious look to her at times. Not sure if that was intentional or if it’s just me.

Then the climax where she takes down the body guard which I’ll admit is pretty impressive but I don’t think the distances are realistic. That would be my only complaint.

It’s a bit of a shock to see Sinon’s real body because up until now, we had only seen her in-game avatar. My first impression is that she is not as confident in real life as she is in the game.

Then we have the scene after with Kirito and the girls. I think in that moment he decides that he should go into the world so that’s why he needs to talk to Asuna.

I’m really excited to see how Kirito will meet Sinon and how everyone will take it. How will he get her to work with him or will it be him that is following her?

These answers I hope I will get in the next episode. I’ll see you all then!


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