I Bought A Website!

I really should have done this sooner but for some reason never did.

In any case I now have my very own spot on the internet (besides this blog here) and now I have to figure out what to do with it. I got one for my personal name and one for this blog. The one for the blog will be its future home but right now it just redirects to this blog on WordPress.

Now I have to learn how to build a website :)

A quick note. If you are thinking about getting a website for yourself and you go online and see that your name is available, buy it, right then and there. I say this because the other day when I wanted to buy my website I looking up my name and it was not taken. I was very surprised that it wasn’t so that go me thinking, “I should buy it.” So the next day I go to buy it and it turns out this it was now taken, only a day later two, less than 24 hours! I was pretty upset about that and bummed out because I had neglected to take my own advice and paid for it. So instead I bought a website that has my name and the first letter of my middle name in it which I don’t think is as good but it’s still something and I like having a spot on the internet that is owned by me.

I lied, that note wasn’t quick after all :)



4 thoughts on “I Bought A Website!

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