Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 1 Review

Here we go again! A brand New season of SAO, or is it GGO now? I guess will see what happens over the next few weeks. For now though, here are my initial impressions of the 1st episode.

So we start out with a ton of information being thrown at us. Agility is apparently not the best skill to train for even though many people have been training it for months. Data data data. I was a bit lost I’ll admit but once I got the general idea of what was going on I started to understand. This guy continues to rant, saying that there is a much better strategy that he will use to win.

However the weird part starts when we have the cloaked figure in the bar gets up and starts talking to the TV. Of course everyone thinks that he is crazy but when he shoots the TV and the guy he shot suddenly looks like he is in pain and logs out then things get serious. The hooded masked dude says that he has true power and will use it to destroy a lot of things essentially.
Alright so we have our bad guy of the season and now all we need are our hero’s!
We first see them with Asuna marking the passing of time, almost a year since the end of the death adventure of SAO
I liked how they mention SAO of bit with the colors that they are wearing, it shows that the two years that they spent there are still very much a part of their lives.
I do think that the walk through the park, while a good way for Asuna and Kirito to spend time together, was a distraction from the main goal of the new season.
The talk in the park that the two had was interesting in that it discussed the possibilities that would allow Yui to join them in the real world, by allowing more information to pass between the virtual world and the real world.
This is actually a very heavy subject. What is the difference from the real world and the virtual world if the information that they give are the same? I’m sure that this will be addressed more in the coming episodes.
About halfway into the episode, we get into the real meat of the situation. Someone is using the game, Gun Gale Online, to kill people of high rank. The reason for this is not clear and Kirito is wanted to go into the game and investigate why.
As a side note, I like that Gun Gale Online is a game where you can earn actual money from the currency exchange.
I can understand Kirito’s reluctance to go into the virtual world and deal with another potentially life threatening situation again but we know that he can not resist the situation either.
I’m not sure how I feel about the hit/reference to the iPhone and google glass devices in the inspectors little talk. To me it seems like he is making them out to be a bad thing.
Then there is the death scene of a lot of SAO players which was a bit sad.
But then we are back to a touching moment about the collapse of a world and what it means.
I think that this talks was good to have because it is a chance to sum up the thoughts that were left after the end of the first season. But I also think that the real plot of the new season will get underway very soon and that talk about the first season will be kept to a minimum.
As proof of that we are left with a glimpse of a new character in the next scene. I have a hunch that we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future. She is a sniper by the looks of it and that is all we get for this episode.
Overall I was happy with the episode. There was a summary of past feelings, an introduction of a lot of new elements and we have our antagonist now and a new character whose allegiance could go either way at this point. There was no mention of the other characters from SAO but I think we might see a few in the next episode.
Well, until then we can only wait. I’ll see you all after the next episode! :)
p.s. This review was pretty long but I was excited for the new episode so I wrote a lot. Also I couldn’t find any artwork that I liked so I’ll either have to find some better ones out there in the future of make my own.

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