Trying Evernote

So I’ve decided that I should try out Evernote as a way to write down post ideas that I have while out and about. As an example I am writing this post on the app on my phone in the Evernote app to be transferred to my computer by online syncing and then to the browser version of WordPress. So far it seems to be an enjoyable experience.

I figure that I have a lot of ideas while out and about and I forget them before I get back to a computer so if I had something to write on and transfer to my computer then that would solve my problems.

So here we are. I’ll be working with this application for the next few weeks and working to see if it works with my workflow (I said words involving work way to much in those last few sentences)

Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to give a detailed review of the app and how it works for me. Until then, I hope to deliver interesting posts with thoughts that would have otherwise been lost due to my forgetful nature :)


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