The Myo And Why I Want One

There has been a little invention that a team has been working on for the last few years call the Myo. It is a small band that you slip on to your arm and it allows your muscle movements to control your computer.

Myo sceenshot

They have started selling pre-orders and I am very excited to get one when they have finalized the design. I think that this concept has an amazing amount of potential and if I can code it to suit my specific needs then that’s even better.

It’s pretty affordable right now at a $150 US so it’s not an out of the question buy. They’ve been in development for a while now and have switched the overall look to what they say is now the finalized look. I’ll wait a bit until they have finalized it further but I am definitely going to get one.

Imagine being able to open your browser with a  flick of the wrist. Or maybe you have a workflow that opens up the applications you want to start off your day? Then you could just program a movement that would run the workflow and bam, everything turned on when you make a thumbs up! The future is now :)

If you want more information about the device, I’ll provide a link here that will take you to the developer’s website.




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