No Game No Life: Episode 12 Review

No Game No Life

It’s the season finale! A great ending to the show in my opinion. I hope that they announce season 2 soon!

We start off with Sora’s question to Izuna, “When’s the last time you thought a game was fun?” I think this validates my theory about Sora trying to play mind games with Izuna as when she goes hulk mode in the ending of the last episode and now the beginning of this episode she is smiling, she is having fun.

Well the episode picks up right after Izuna goes hulk, and that is apparently a very bad thing for Blank, as she has surpassed physical limits so Shiro can’t track or predict her movements. Not good.

So it seems that Izuna is cheating without cheating. Because she can go hulk mode she is faster than physical limits which is like cheating but at the same time not cheating because it is a natural ability. It’s a paradox really, how can it be natural if your physical limits are what is natural so you are then not doing the natural thing. Hmmm, that is interesting I’ll have to ponder it more later. Back to the show!

They are hit! and only 3 min in! That was not supposed to happen. But then they have the other players Steph and Jibril right?

And Izuna is hit! By Steph no less! So they won!

Sora goes on to explain their plan, which is really well put together. It turns out that what Shiro was writing in the dirt was npc calculations as to where Steph would end up and not the possible cheat to the game. So we finally learn what it was the Sora told Steph to do as well. The entire thing was planned out. The way that Blank is able to look like they are failing and then completely destroy the enemy at the end of the game, as they have planned out the entire thing, is crazy.

Well the big fight is over and that was only 6 min into the episode.

It seems that Izuna and the other war beasts think that they will all die or something like that because Blank won. Obviously Blank does not plan on hurting them but they have yet to address the issue

They do have a little pep talk with Izuna to try and make her realize that having fun while playing a game is what you’re supposed to do.

Then there is the fan service for the episode with the bath scene. But it does transition into a heavy plot scene.

The Shrine Priestess is not someone from another world like I though but she is the designated representative of the race. The way that Sora maintains his composure when talking with this person is really cool. Then he just calmly suggests a coin toss to decide the fate of the both of their nations.

I was worried that the Shrine Priestess would use her powers to determine whether the coin toss would work in her favor and did not think that they could get out of it. But Blank looked so confident so I was unsure.

And then the big moment, it lands on its edge! A draw! The one thing that no one expected, except for Blank of course. Sora planned that from the beginning.

Because of the draw, he set it up so that Elkia and the Eastern Federation would combine forces. A very clever ploy. This way, they could take on the other nations one by one and come out on top.

I like the checklist that they have, simple things but they require a huge amount of effort to accomplish.

From there they explain their plot to challenge Tet again, we already know that so I won’t go into it.

And that ends the season finale! It was a good episode and a good (temporary) stopping point I think. I’m very excited for the next season though and can’t wait for them to announce it, hopefully it will be soon. Until then, you can go back and watch the series again, and maybe read my reviews of the episodes. I’ve covered almost all of them.

Well, this is goodbye to No Game No Life until the next season, I’ll see you there!


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