Why I Enjoy EVE Online


For those of you that do not know, EVE Online is a MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is based in the future in a different galaxy from our own.

The basic back story is at some point in the future there was a wormhole that was discovered that allowed access to a new galaxy very far away. The galaxy was named “New Eden.” Eventually colonies were established in New Eden and everything was great. Until the worm hole collapsed leaving the colonists trapped. This resulted in the eventual collapse of civilization. However after a time four factions arose to dominate the galaxy once again.

You are a capsuler. An essentially immortal person (because of the use of clones when you die to re-spawn) with access to space ships to travel throughout the galaxy.

The main reason that I like this game is that it is HUGE!!

There are over 5000 individual solar systems that are accessible for everyone with another 1000 or so that can only be found with the help of special equipment. This is a crazy amount of space that players can utilize. The systems are arranged with high security systems in the center and then as you get further and further away from the center the security status decreases until it is lawless space. The majority of solar systems in the game are lawless space.

This lawless space opens up the possibility for territory control.

Players can come together in corporations (guilds or clans in other games) and fight for territory, work to gather resources, or just hang out. But if you go out into lawless space then the competition for resources and the best spots gets really fierce.

But the people are what make this game great.

Now while there may be the trolls in the sense that they might try to scam you and then blow your ship up, it makes up for it when you find someone who is genuine and is a nice person. Because the game is a pay to play game at $15 a month, that eliminates a lot of the kids that are there to make noise and brings in the dedicated players.

There are some drawbacks. One being that it can be hard to get into and at times it seems like the game is just grinding but I think that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

So in summary. EVE Online is a huge game where you have a lot of possibilities to hang out and have fun. It’s not for everyone but I enjoy it.

If you happen to play then I’d love to fly with ya. Comment below with your username and I’ll message you.


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