What It Would Be Like To Be Part Bird

For as long as humans have watched birds, we’ve wanted their abilities, well at least most of us.

I think it would be awesome to be able to fly like a bird. To be free and careless. To see the world from above, where no one can touch you.

It is the ultimate form of freedom and the greatest expression of independence.

I’ve always pictured flying as a supremely blissful experience, to know that you can just lift up and go anywhere and any time is something that has to give you a lot of confidence.

There is a book series about a group of kids that have wings by James Patterson and it does a good job, at least in my mind, of capturing the feelings of what flying would be like. With actual wings no less. The Maximum Ride series is the name in case you want to check it out.

There are a few people who have gotten close to flying. Those who use Wing suits for example:


But still you are only just falling with those.

Another close attempt was the man who basically strapped a jet onto his back and flew with that.

While all those attempts are close they do not achieve my definition of flying which is that you have to fly under your own power. A bird does not need to buy a pair of wings to fly, it already has them. It does not need a jet engine to move, it has its muscles. That is why I don’t know if humans will ever be able to fly for themselves, but I can always dream.


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