No Game No Life: Episode 11 Review

No Game No Life

Well, here it is. The second to last episode of the season! Sorry this review was a little late, I had a big workload this weekend and was not able to start watching until the day after and you get the idea. Now, enough with the excuses, without further a due, the review!

We start with the reveal that the world is actually a fictional place, which for some reason Blank did not realize this. So that allows them to function in this world. Which is good for our heroes.

The basic premise of the game is simple, almost like a zombie shooter with a few twists. It’s an FPS which means Blank should be the best at it.

I like the references to the other series and games that they throw out, blanking the name but leaving enough so you clearly know what they are talking about.

Steph is pretty much useless the first couple minutes again. I guess it’s not entirely her fault, she just doesn’t know what Blank knows.

It was definitely funny when Shiro shot Sora right after it was explained. Then the shooting between Jibril and Shiro and then Sora figuring out what he thinks is the key to the game with Steph.

Pretty soon we start to see the effects of the seeds that Sora planed in Izuna’s head about having fun while playing a game. While Sora is having fun with the game, Izuna is getting angry at that fact.

But then things get interesting. Shiro takes on Izuna, and she is incredible! It turns out that Shiro is the best in the world and this is seen in her lighting fast fight with Izuna. But we then see the abilities of the War Beasts and how they help in winning the games.

Jibril can be pretty scary when she wants to, but then she also seems innocent right away again, she is an odd character.

But then the secret is revealed, how they are cheating, or at lest partially. The old man and Izuna can communicate the locations of the other players to give her an advantage.

Shiro is trying to write out the code to the cheat while they defend and then it seems that Izuna is actually having fun.

But then Shiro is hit! and she is not the person you want to have on the opposing team.

I think at this point the feeling is really tense, you don’t know what Shiro is going to do and Sora doesn’t exactly have a solid plan either.

But then there is the jump off the roof and the fall and Shiro is really on Sora’s side the entire time! (a well thought out plan by the way). Izuna seems to go Hulk so that could be bad for Blank but will have to see in the season finale!

I thought this was a great episode as a whole, we really go to see some of Blanks true skills when Shiro fought and their ability to work together under pressure is unparalleled. There still is the question of what Sora told Steph before the game started and the special spell he put on her. That will probably be revealed in the next episode though. I can’t wait!

If you have any thoughts on the episode please comment below.


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