The Temperature: And Why It Should Be 65 All The Time

This is a common problem for me: I go outside, and walk around a bit, and then I am overheated and tired.

I don’t really care for the heat, it always seems to find me and then stick around for a while. Even though I try to get rid of it somehow it always find its way back.

I have a philosophy that is: It is easier to get warmer then it is to get colder. Because of this I prefer it to be closer wherever I am so that I always have the option to get warmer. However if it is warmer then the options to get colder are very limited.

If I am hot then doing any type of activity seems to wear me down faster than if I were cold. When I am cold, I feel as if I could go on as long as I needed too. That is a big difference when you need to get something done. Being cold encourages me to do more work and to be faster as well.

In my opinion, 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius for you Non-American readers, is the perfect temperature. Unfortunately it is not always 65 degrees.

Now I have no real right to complain but I will do it anyways.

This post is a little random but I felt that i should share it. If you have your perfect temperature then I would be interested to know what it is! Share it in the comments below :)


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