3 Player Chess

I recently purchased and played a few games of three layer chess. Now some of you may be thinking, “what! there’s no such thing as three player chess!” But I tell you know that you can in fact play such a thing! Here is a picture of the board:


At first it may look confusing but a quick read through the rules and it will soon become clear how the game operates. It using the same rules as regular chess but adds a few extra ones to account for the circular board. I am by no means a chess master but I don’t think this board comprises any of the fundamental strategy inherent in 2-player chess.

I have only played twice but had a lot of fun each time. For example, something that 3-player chess has, that 2-player chess does not, is the possibility to form alliances. You could talk with one of your opponents to take out the other competitor, all the while trying to stab the person you made the alliance with in the back! It is loads of fun. Each time you make a move you have to be aware of attack from the front, back, left, right, and all the diagonals. While you have to do this in 2-player chess, 3-player chess makes it more difficult because of the circular nature of the board. When I say difficult I mean that in a good way as I love to be challenged.

The board is nice and big and of a solid feeling material. The pieces are not cheap, but not expensive either, fairly standard.

I would highly recommend getting this is if have always wanted to play chess with more people. It helps if they already understand the game of chess to begin with although, as this takes those principles and uses all of the skill you currently have.

I have enjoyed playing this game and hope that if you decide to play it one day then you will have fun too :) If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them in the comments below.


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