Betting Your Existence

The most recent episode of No Game No Life made me think about what your existence really means. Thoughts, memories, trust, emotions, will, strength, what is your existence?

(Slight Spoiler for the anime but If you don’t watch it then read ahead!)

For those of you who do not know, the episode involved tying you existence to pieces in a game of Othello/Reversi. This meant that when a piece of yours was captured, the part of you that the piece represented was taken from you as well.

Now this got me thinking. “If parts of your being were taken one by one, at what point would you not be you?” I mean, you know that you are you, but what part of you knows that you are you? See how this gets confusing?

Then I started to think that different parts of you could be more meaningful to your overall character than others. This lead me to rethink what was important to me and what ideas of philosophies/belifes made up my being. I was trying to figure out what made me . . . me.

This idea is actually very similar to a concept used in the Inheritance Cycle book series. The idea was that your entire being could be summed up in your True Name. A name that, if other people knew, would allow them to know everything about you and potential control you and force you to abide by their will. (very slight spoiler there as well, sorry)

Based on all of this I was able to create a fun thought experiment that is very enlightening.

Lets say that you are playing a game, Chess or Othello for example. Now assign what you think are the most important aspects of your life and your personality to those pieces. Now you play the game, or imagine you are. Now decide what pieces you are most willing to defend and which ones you care least about. It works best if the game is one where all the pieces have the same ability so I guess chess wouldn’t work out so well.

By paying this mental game you should be able to identify what parts of yourself that you like most and which ones you can improve or git rid of entirely.

I hope that this game is fun for you or at least give you something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Betting Your Existence

    • Well that an interesting idea. It sounds a lot like a key element of the Eragon series. The idea that you can learn your true name or someone else’s true name and have power over yourself or them.

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