No Game No Life: Episode 10 Review

No Game No Life

Time for another No Game No Life review!

To have Sora start with a topic which purpose is not obvious makes it interesting right off the bat, and confusing as well.

There is a continuation of the obvious tension between Fi and Jibril to start as well. That discussion also bring up how powerful and crazy the war between the races was before Tet took control. Also, to see how much the races absolutely hate each other was a little disturbing to see, but not completely unjustified. However the problem seemed to resolve itself relatively easy.

These negotiations also bring out more of the back story of the world. Specifically that which surrounds the elves. It turns out that Kurami is actually a slave, surprising because up until now it looked like Kurami was controlling Fi.

When they get back to the actual problem at hand the “Shrine Priestess” is mentioned again. The talk from that description and the talk later in the show leads me to a very likely possibility surrounding her identity which I will talk about later in the post.

The fan service break was funny but not needed in my opinion.

The talk that Sora and Kurami had in the secret room cleared up the question that I had regarding the memories that Kurami posses. She knows what Sora has done, but not his thought process, so his plan would not be apparent to her. Kurami also brings up Blank’s play style, mainly that they have only had close wins. This is a good point to make but I believe in Blank, even though at times it seems impossible that they will lose.

When the group exits the castle they make quite a scene. To have Jibril open her wings and show that the kings have defeated a Flugal must at least slightly change the opinions of the Imanity.

When they arrive at the embassy they make it clear that everyone is ready to go (except Steph) During the preparatory stage Sora places a “spell” on Steph, which means she will be playing a key role in the game. However, what that role is exactly has yet to be described.

The next scene defines the game and it appears that they will be put inside a virtual reality video game. Based on Sora’s questions it appears that he intends to catch the Easter Federation cheating to win the game.

However the final scene was a huge surprise as the setting was in the middle of Tokyo. This is bad news for Blank because they can not handle the outside world, especially if they are in their own world. This could be very bad indeed. They literally just gave up, “Imanity’s finished” was the line from Sora. The next episode should be interesting.

Overall the episode was a good one. The whole mystery with the Shrine priestess I think I have solved. I believe that she is like Blank. She came this world 50 years ago and that is why the technology of the Eastern Federation has advanced so rapidly. It also explains why the video game looks exactly like Tokyo. I only have a few lines to base this off of but I think I’m right. Only the next few episodes will tell though.

That concludes this weeks review post. This one was pretty long so if you made it to the end then thanks for reading all the way through! I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am. If you have any comments about the episode please leave them in the comments below :)


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