Wacom Tablet Review



I’ve spent the last few weeks with this tablet so I think that I can give a decent review now.

I purchased the lowest model of the Intuos series for 80 US dollars, a pretty affordable price I thought, and so far have had only a few complaints.

I think that the nib gets used up too fast, only after 6 drawings did I have to replace the first one. I expected the to last longer. The other is the lightness of the pad itself. I feel that it is too weak. Although that could just be that I like devices to be mainly metal.

However those are the only grievances I have with the pad. After getting this I have been able to use Photoshop much faster than before and have learned more about Photoshop by using the pad. The sensitivity is great and the pen feels good in my hand as I write. The note keys I have learned not to use after becoming more familiar with the shortcuts on the keyboard but that is just my preference. I can see how using the hotkeys on the pad would be beneficial but for my purposes I have not used them in a while.

The pen, while not an danced one, works great for me. There are two buttons on the pen itself and those I use often as they are easier to get to then the hotkeys on the pad. I am thinking about upgrading pens in the future just for the increased functionality that the higher level pens have but as of right now I am perfectly capable of doing anything in my skill level with the current tools I have.

Buy buying this pad I have been able to grow in my abilities and while developing without the pad would have been possible, I think that the pad made it a lot easier and quicker.

Those are my thoughts on the Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet. I hope that this helped you in making a decision and if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to ask :)


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