Spice and Wolf Review

Spice and WolfThis anime was great. I really enjoyed the story line and the characters. I picture this anime as a classic and I finally got around to watching it. I completed both seasons a few days ago and wanted to share my thoughts here. There will probably be spoilers just as a warning. Also, what I talk about will generally be the overall story, getting into the small details only a few times.

The concept is simple, boy meets girl, girl is pagan god, boy is normal poor human, and then girl travels with boy. That’s pretty much it, except girl is a thousand of year old pagan god and boy is a middle age traveling merchant.

The show starts out with the introduction of Lawrence, the traveling merchant. He has arrived in town to buy some wheat. The love interest presents herself as the one who will be conducting the harvest ceremonies, but she will conveniently being locking herself away for the night so no being with Lawrence. This means that he will continue on his journey to the next town before she will be out of the shed she has locked herself in.

Lawrence, being the one to make good with time, sets off without seeing her. But not before the god herself makes an appearance. Having put some wheat in the back of his cart, Lawrence inadvertently helped Holo escape the confines of the shed. As the wheat is Holo’s life force, she is tied to it and where it goes she goes.

Eventual Holo and Lawrence come to an agreement where Lawrence will transport Holo back to her homeland in the north in exchange for payment of the wheat that she is using as her life force.

Alright now that the intro episode is out of the way we can continue

The rest of the show continues in a liner fashion. Over time Lawrence and Holo grow closer together though various adventures.

But that is not why I enjoyed this anime. I enjoyed this anime because it was simple. Simple does not mean dull, simple means you know the over all progression but the content is still unknown to you.

There were moments in this anime where my heart was pounding because I thought Lawrence was going to lose Holo or lose himself from debt or some careless designs he made. These moments are sprinkled though out the two seasons and even though the big moneys were separated I never felt that there was a dull moment. Whether there was witty banter from Holo or an explanation of economics from Lawrence, I never thought, “I don’t need to hear this get on with the show already.”

The steady growing connection between Holo and Lawrence was fun to watch at well, sometimes painful as well. From Lawrence’s perspective, she is a confusing girl who dropped into his life from nowhere. She owes him a debt but after a time she comes to mean more and more to him. But from Holo’s perspective Lawrence is just a passing figure, a small blip in her life. Although as time goes on she reveals more about herself and why she can’t allow herself to be with Lawrence. Because if she does he will get older and eventually die, while she will not. This is obviously a hinderance to your mental states when anyone you will ever love will die and you will not. That can be seen leavening its toll on Holo throughout the show.

When Lawrence got into trouble, sometimes it was sizable enough that, if you understood the situation, really feel how bad of a spot he was in. There was also the matter of Holo teasing him at every turn. That ended up being very confusing for Lawrence but he found his own way in the end.

In the end, I like this anime because the I found myself heavily invested in the characters. When Holo was upset, I was upset. When Lawrence (seemed to) almost died of shock from the debt he owed at one point, my heart stopped as well. I liked Lawrence because I could relate to him, I felt that I could understand the choices he made and why he made them. I liked Holo because of her nature, she was cute at time and then also hard to reach. She was a challenge and in the end, I was still unable to figure her out.

I am very glad that i watched this anime and in is ranked as one of the best ones I have watched in my book. Thanks for reading, if you have any thoughts on the series please ask in the comments below :)


3 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf Review

  1. My first thought when i saw the picture was, “No. Way. He drew that?!?” LoL :P
    How would you rate this anime? I mean like does it have a lot of adult content?

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