No Game No Life: Episode 9 Review

No Game No Life

This episode was without a doubt, one of the craziest ones yet. They are really ramping up the intensity of the show.

I’m short on time with this review so I’ll put some quick thoughts into it.

So it turns out that the Eastern Kingdom really is talking a long time to answer the challenge issued by Sora and Shiro. The entire glitching of last weeks episode was due to the game that was taking place between Sora and Kurami. I was not expecting that.

Having Shiro so upset during the beginning of the episode was not fun but  we got a bigger glimpse of what her early life was like. being a super genius at that age must have been tough and when she met Sora he knew that she was like him and they hit it off from there. We also got to see how Shiro thinks for a bit with all the interconnected memories that were blanking out due to the game.

Let us talk about that game for a minute. That is insane! to bet your entire existence on a game of Othello! Pure insanity, but that is what it takes to win all the time, to beat the odds and be Blank. It is amazing that Sora is able to take those kind of risks but in the end we see how scared he was the entire time. You can only keep up the cool look for so long.

I love that Sora and Shiro have absolute trust in each other and that they can work together so well. Sora trusted Shiro to completely figure out his plan even though they were separated and he only gave her a few details.

There is only on problem with this episode that I can tell. When Kurami received Sora’s memories in the game, would she not have learned about his plan in the process and have been able to beat her? I am a little confused about that point but other than that I did not see any other problems.

Overall the episode keeps you on your toes and gives you a bit more background behind Sora and Shiro, not to mention being crazy intense at moments that made you think that Blank had actually lost. It did not answer the questions about the game with the Eastern kingdom but it did explain the crazy glitching that was occurring in the previous episode and gives a logical explanation for it.

I hope you enjoyed this episode


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