Interesting Line Of The Day #9

Zen 3

You’re loosing until you’ve won.


So I came up with this line a few days ago and thought it was rather interesting, so I put it here. My reasoning by saying this is basically don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched or don’t expect to win. You should always keep trying as if you are loosing even if it looks like you are going to lose.


Photo Of The Day #33


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Conversing About Music And Why It Annoys Me

Now don’t get me wrong, I love listening music. I’m always listing to music. I’m listening to a song right now. (Us by She Wants Revenge) But I think that when it comes to talking about music there are some common problems that are encountered.

Let’s run though a scenario together. You meet someone new and one of the fist topics you get to is “Well what kind of music do you listen to?

Uh oh, hold up!

This is critical. Are the genres that you like similar to what they like? Or maybe you don’t care about what they think and just start listing some of your favorite genres and artists. That’s fine, but then, “I haven’t heard of them.

Well, that’s a bummer, now you have to stop and try to sort though you musical knowledge and try to find something in common. But the problem with this is you may have a lot of music in your library. I have a relatively small library at about sixteen hundred. But what if they have a larger one, there is no time to go though all your music!

Now lets say that you have successfully found some artists and songs in common. Great but now what comes next? “Have you heard of so and so? Here, listen to this one.

Oh great, now I have to listen to the entire song, and I’m probably in a hurry somewhere or in a place where I can’t really enjoy/hear the song to its fullest.

I don’t want to go though all that!

To me, music is something that you need to sit down and listen to with the majority of your attention for at least the first few times you hear the song. That way you can really appreciate the song and decide if you actually like listening to it.

Music is amazing. It can make you move. It can make you dance. It can make you feel fear. It can make you feel happy. It can make you feel despair. Music is something that is essential to living in my opinion and I want to take the time to appreciate it if it deserves my appreciation.

I don’t have a solution to this problem, at least not one that I can think of that can be solved with our current level of technology, but I did want to voice my concerns about the way that most people talk about music now-a-days.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can draw some similar reactions. If you have any thoughts on the topic then please leave a comment below.

Photo Of The Day #32


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No Game No Life: Episode 12 Review

No Game No Life

It’s the season finale! A great ending to the show in my opinion. I hope that they announce season 2 soon!

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Why I Enjoy EVE Online


For those of you that do not know, EVE Online is a MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is based in the future in a different galaxy from our own.

The basic back story is at some point in the future there was a wormhole that was discovered that allowed access to a new galaxy very far away. The galaxy was named “New Eden.” Eventually colonies were established in New Eden and everything was great. Until the worm hole collapsed leaving the colonists trapped. This resulted in the eventual collapse of civilization. However after a time four factions arose to dominate the galaxy once again.

You are a capsuler. An essentially immortal person (because of the use of clones when you die to re-spawn) with access to space ships to travel throughout the galaxy.

The main reason that I like this game is that it is HUGE!!

There are over 5000 individual solar systems that are accessible for everyone with another 1000 or so that can only be found with the help of special equipment. This is a crazy amount of space that players can utilize. The systems are arranged with high security systems in the center and then as you get further and further away from the center the security status decreases until it is lawless space. The majority of solar systems in the game are lawless space.

This lawless space opens up the possibility for territory control.

Players can come together in corporations (guilds or clans in other games) and fight for territory, work to gather resources, or just hang out. But if you go out into lawless space then the competition for resources and the best spots gets really fierce.

But the people are what make this game great.

Now while there may be the trolls in the sense that they might try to scam you and then blow your ship up, it makes up for it when you find someone who is genuine and is a nice person. Because the game is a pay to play game at $15 a month, that eliminates a lot of the kids that are there to make noise and brings in the dedicated players.

There are some drawbacks. One being that it can be hard to get into and at times it seems like the game is just grinding but I think that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

So in summary. EVE Online is a huge game where you have a lot of possibilities to hang out and have fun. It’s not for everyone but I enjoy it.

If you happen to play then I’d love to fly with ya. Comment below with your username and I’ll message you.

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What It Would Be Like To Be Part Bird

For as long as humans have watched birds, we’ve wanted their abilities, well at least most of us.

I think it would be awesome to be able to fly like a bird. To be free and careless. To see the world from above, where no one can touch you.

It is the ultimate form of freedom and the greatest expression of independence.

I’ve always pictured flying as a supremely blissful experience, to know that you can just lift up and go anywhere and any time is something that has to give you a lot of confidence.

There is a book series about a group of kids that have wings by James Patterson and it does a good job, at least in my mind, of capturing the feelings of what flying would be like. With actual wings no less. The Maximum Ride series is the name in case you want to check it out.

There are a few people who have gotten close to flying. Those who use Wing suits for example:


But still you are only just falling with those.

Another close attempt was the man who basically strapped a jet onto his back and flew with that.

While all those attempts are close they do not achieve my definition of flying which is that you have to fly under your own power. A bird does not need to buy a pair of wings to fly, it already has them. It does not need a jet engine to move, it has its muscles. That is why I don’t know if humans will ever be able to fly for themselves, but I can always dream.

Photo Of The Day #30


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No Game No Life: Episode 11 Review

No Game No Life

Well, here it is. The second to last episode of the season! Sorry this review was a little late, I had a big workload this weekend and was not able to start watching until the day after and you get the idea. Now, enough with the excuses, without further a due, the review!

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