Designing Things

I have recently started to design, build, and make a custom chess set for myself. I recently wrote a post about chess and how interesting it was so I thought “hey, I have access to materials and software and stuff that makes it easy to build a chess set, so why not?”

I’ll say how I will be going about this for those interested. I will be imagining and sketching some designs that I have in mind for each piece. Then I will be “building the pieces in a program called SolidWorks. Then after that I will print them out, make the board out of some wood, paint everything and make it look nice, and then play a game. The hard part so far is making pieces that I like. It is a lot harder than I thought to make good looking pieces that appeal to me.

That is my current progress at the moment, hopefully I will have made some more progress by the time this post comes out. I think when I finish it I’ll post some pictures of the board. It will by no means be a work of art but it will be something I made myself so I’ll like it.


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