X-Men Days of Future Past Review


I loved this movie. I thought that the movie did a great job of fixing a lot of complaints about the series in the past and they had a good way of fixing them. The action was great, the comical elements were funny, and the plot was sound, at least to me, also the after the credits scene was amazing.

I have not ready any of the comics but I have seen all the movies. Now with that out of the way I’ll tell you what I most liked about the movie.

First of all, I saw a plot hole right off the bat. In the future time, Wolverine had his metal claws, when, in the movie The Wolverine they were taken off towards the end of the movie. So my first thought is, how did they get back to being metal? That question was never answered for me but it was one of the few unanswered questions so I’ll let it pass.

The tricky thing with time travel is the arguments about paradoxes and all the stuff that could go wrong with it. However, I felt that this movie handled it pretty well. First off, your body does not go back, only your consciousness does. That eliminated the meeting yourself problem. Then, it would not have been possible for that power to go back as far as it had if not for the Wolverines power to regenerate so quickly. So that makes the power valid in my mind as it is not all-powerful. Lastly, the time goes on side by side and if something happens to the body going back then the consciousness is taken out of the body in the past. It is such that the time will result in an eventuality unless the timeline is changed significantly enough. Which is what ended up happening.

Alright now that the time travel stuff is out of the way I can talk about what scenes I liked.

The first scene of note was the first time you see Charles walking. That was a shock to me. At fist I thought that might be another plot hole but it was explained by the serum administered by Beast. I thought Charles returning Wolverines words was pretty funny as well.

Next was the scene where we really get to see the fast guy’s power in action (I’m bad with remembering people’s names, sorry) Everyone was freaking out with the bullets about to go flying and all of a sudden everything slows down and we see how fast he can actually be. Messing up every person in the room and still having enough time to turn away the bullets is crazy. I’m not exactly sure how moving the bullets worked with the momentum they had and the same thing for the guns but I’ll let it slide because that was a pretty amazing scene. (Just looked up his name, turns out is was Quicksilver)

One funny scene that made me laugh/chuckle for a few minutes was when Wolverine walked though the metal detector and he was expecting it to go off but it didn’t. The surprised look on his face followed by the understanding of why it didn’t go off was a great comical element.

The ending to the movie was great because in a sense, everyone came back. Rouge, Gene, and Scott, they were back. It was also a bit of a cop-out because they could say that since the timeline was different anything could happen and because of the those three are still there. But I wanted them to be back so I’m okay with that.

When Logan first wakes up and is confused about where he is, there is an air of amazement and un-real-ness in the following scenes. When he finally walks into the Professors room and talks to him about what just happened, the Professors “welcome back” was powerful and made me realize everything that Logan would have to deal with now that he is so out of his time. Some of them are good things and some bad but I think mostly good.

That’s all that I’m going to get to with this post but there are many more scenes that I liked and I would recommend you go see this movie if you haven’t already. I know that I will be watching it again sometime in the future, probably sooner rather than later.

This went a little long but I hoped you enjoyed it If you have any thoughts about the movie then I would love to hear it in the comments below :)


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