Anime Re-Draw #1

Armed with Photoshop and a mouse, I began

So I decided to try my hand at “drawing” a shot from No Game No Life after I saw the thread over at Crunchyroll for a contest about it. Now I’m not the person who draws, I am terrible, just the worst. Stick figures are the best I can do. But I’ve always wanted to be able to draw things, I think it is a useful skill for conveying ideas. Now given that, and armed with Photoshop and a mouse, I began. The result was something that is not the best but something that I am proud of doing. I spent a total of 5 hours working on this and while I know it is not amazing, it will be going into my wallpaper rotation. I hope to improve my abilities in the future and get better so that I can do this show justice when re-drawing screens from it.

If you would like the picture for whatever, just click the picture for the large version, If you intend to use it somewhere, I have no problem with that but please give me credit :)

No Game No Life Wallpaper 1


8 thoughts on “Anime Re-Draw #1

    • Thanks, and no not really, I started with a screen-shot and then traced over it. Eventually I would like to be able to draw/animate people from my mind or with a more creative style but right now I’m just a beginner. This was the first one I’ve ever done :)

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